Tommy Le’s Family Sues King County Over the 20-Year-Old’s Death, Claiming Racial Bias


Don't do LSD.
#1 Stop being an ignorant, insensitive, racist asshole.
That guy was a hell of a drummer. Hung too.
75k? Life is cheap in some places. White people sue for a lot more when someone sees their nipples through t shirt.

At least it'll be cheaper to pay up than fight the case. It'll be a tough case to win but at this price, they probably won't have to.
oh come on, LSD is awesome. take half a hit, think about some stuff, close your eyes, see some nice geometric patterns and prismatic colors. but this case...
You sure are quick to play the "racist" card all the time, aren't you Ivy?

As for the amount asked for ($75K), it's clear Tommy's family knows the city/county will just pay it out rather than spend that much fighting the suit in court. If the family asked for what his life was actually worth, they'd lose since it was clear that Tommy was on some sort of mind-altering substance that night.
#2 Don't do feigned outrage.