Hubby should also see a urologist. Most erections are killed Republicans; some by damage to nerves or blood vessels. If it's the latter, there are injectable concoctions that can produce a boner on a corpse.
* killed by; ha ha
Maybe this would be helpful?…
Ask your doctor if TriMix injections would be a successful treatment.…
Spare parts harnesses work great for all genders! I have one that both I and my partner with opposite bits would use. We also have a pretty large size difference between both of us and it fit us both. Machine washable too!
Full civil rights for trans people, while under threat, are not threatened by the use of anatomical language. Innie and outie may feel gender-affirming but they are adulthood-denying.
A cock sheath may work in this scenario, especially if he can get semi-hard. Oxballs has some nice options. They also have a product called a "double fucker." It's a dildo you strap-on above your cock for double-penetration. It might work as well.
Fresh @6 exactly. It reminded me of the The Onion-article "Renowned Hoo-Ha Doctor Wins Nobel Prize …".
Yes, I have to agree with Fresh. A penis is a penis; a vagina is a vagina; ownership of either of these does not predetermine one's gender.

A harness like FREE wants would be useful for double penetration, too. I hope more links will be provided!
Question: "I want to do a rather common sex act. Is there a sex toy for that?"

Answer: "Yes. Yes there is. The world is a wide and wondrous place, and there are many interesting sex toys in it - including whatever you have in mind."
Really? Biology (as in, basic anatomical terminology) is exclusionary now?
I mean, I already knew the Right didn't have a monopoly on anti-science sentiment, but this is just comical.
I can second @shinyfresnel. The spare parts deuce would be my first suggestion.
Oh get over what people want to call their junk. There's probably some trans man out there who personally uses "front hole" and cringes whenever someone says "vagina" who would appreciate that someone is making an effort. Obviously some trans men don't like calling the thing a vagina or someone like me wouldn't know the phrase "front hole" doesn't mean someone's mouth. Geez, you people.

And while you might want to confirm that the policy applies to the specific item you're purchasing, if you order a fuck harness from Mr S in San Francisco it can be returned/exchanged, according to their website. And if you can make it into the store, not only can you try it on as it's meant to be worn, they will probably MORE than happy to help you.
A rare +1 to Mr Savage for good manners, especially as various others, including the most recent Prudie Emeritus, have been so often lacking in this sort of case.
@5 Is correct. SpareParts HardWear makes a harness that was especially designed for men. It is called DEUCE and has had great reviews.
Bah. You don't need to use a special harness because you're the owner of a penis. I do this all the time with my wife because I have erectile issues too. I just use the same harness she uses on me.

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