State Legislators Will Consider Changing "Evil, Discriminatory" Wrongful Death Law


“Yellow journalism?! That’s ...” Her eyes rolled, then returned to her laptop.

“That’s just so naive.” The corner of her mouth crooked upward — so slightly.

“I put the quotation marks right there in the headline.”
@Syd brings it. As usual, Ma'am--fine reporting. Tough subject.
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It's unclear from the linked Seattle Times story that the federal district judge directly addressed the constitutional issue regarding residence since he dismissed based upon the failure to plead that the parents were financially dependent. Courts avoid reaching constitutional issues if a case can be be otherwise decided. The financial dependence requirement is a policy issue which has good arguments on both sides. Democrats tend to align with the trial lawyers positions since they do contribute.
Are American families allowed to sue if their kid dies in Korea? If so, I fully support the legislation.