Seattle Gives You 180 Days to Make a Sexual Harassment Complaint. Is That Enough?


Six months seems like plenty of time; however, I don't think it would be unnecessarily burdensome on defendants to extend that to a year or even two years. The principle burden for the defense would be the potential loss of evidence, but in my experience, many companies keep records of meetings/emails/whatever for several years.
In a reasonable world, it's of course enough time.

In reality, no, probably not.

The question is why women* seem to frequently not make their reports earlier. The reasons to not make a report at all are obvious - the juice isn't worth the squeeze, you may feel stigmatized, it can be a risk to your professional career. But for those that do - what is it about our culture that makes extended delay normal?
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I would think THREE months is plenty of time. But let's say 6 months and call it good. If you can't be appropriately offended/hurt enough in three months time, or six months, you got to let it go and chalk it up to life. In other words, get off the bench and swing for the fences and bust that guy down so hard he can never be looked at by anyone the same way again. Don't wait for years to put the point on the guy. By then, he has probably done the same more than once after you.
Why not three years. Just follow civil law procedures.