MSNBC's Joy Reid Gives Master Class in How to Shut a Trump Drone DOWN


she should not have let that lady on the air in the 1st place. their goal is to simply waste precious minutes with nonsense and reduce the time spent talking sense by anyone else.
@1: You are acting like this guest was not booked so that this exact exchange could happen. It's TV man, everything is fake and staged.
Next up: Sexual assault survivors for Roy Moore, followed by Jews for Hitler.
@2: possibly. I believe Reid would have welcomed a Trumpist that would make a cogent, calm defense of WH policy and engage in a respectful back-and-forth. Jennifer Rubin's on that panel, and she's as conservative as you.

"comity", I think they used to call it back in the obstruct-Obama days.

Just cut these people off and scream "You're lying and everyone knows it". That or make them hold a human turd with their bare hands while they explain how Hillary runs a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor basement.
You may have seen this meme on your facebooks, but I like it and find it worth posting again. "Arguing with a Trump-Supporter is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are the bird shits on the board and struts around like it won anyway."