Womens March 2016
Women's March 2016 Ramon Dompor

Here we go again. Last year, more than 100,000 people marched from Judkins Park to Seattle Center the day after our racist chaos-monger president took the oath of office. Millions more took to the streets in other parts of the country (and the world). One year of chaos later, it’s time to fill the streets again. Here’s what you need to know:

Where will we march? The march begins at Cal Anderson Park and ends at Seattle Center, with long stretches of Pine Street and 4th Ave in between. Here’s a map, courtesy of the organizers:


When should I get there? The march begins at 10 a.m, but organizers recommend you leave your home as early as possible to avoid traffic. You might also want to duck out early to avoid the chaos of a stadium-size crowd leaving the same place at once.

How do I get there? If you’re planning on taking public transit, here’s some good news. Sound Transit plans to operate extra light rail trains as needed. King County Metro will also operate extra busses for routes 8, 41, 44, 101, 150, 255, RapidRide C, D, and E Lines. Sound Transit will also run extra service for routes 512, 550 and 554. Use the Metro and Sound Transit trip planners.

Expect crowded busses and trains. Don’t be a space-hogging asshole. Pack light.

If you must drive, park somewhere near a light rail station and ride the train to Capitol Hill. Seattle Center or University District are good options.

If you’re one of the Stranger’s three Eastside readers, you might want to ride on one of these charters organized by volunteers. Act fast! Space is filling up.

How many people will be there? About 42,000 marked themselves as “interested” on the event’s official Facebook page.

What should I bring? Make a sign (and post it on Instagram, tagging @thestrangerseattle). That’s really all you need. Again, pack light. The forecast calls for rain. Dress appropriately. If you bring snacks, please share them with me.

Who are the organizers? Be the Change Network, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Fuse Washington, Huskies for NARAL and Act Now Mantra. Here’s the list.

What else is happening this weekend? Another group of organizers called Seattle Womxn Marching Forward are planning a day of action on Sunday. Check out the schedule.