Why Is January So Warm?


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In the 50s when they planned to use up this planet and use interstellar travel to relocate our species elsewhere, but now we're just burning it up faster than ever and trying to come up with a coal-powered rocket to plant a confederate flag on the moon.
Mollasses is still slow though.
I blame Cliff Mass's warm, moist eructions.
ugh, you're making me agree with Cliff Mass. weather is not climate, correlation is not causation, etc.

yes, Monday was weird, but trees start budding EVERY JANUARY in Seattle; its when the Sarcacocca blooms, some Camelias (like my neighbor's), & the Snowdrops come up.

it's a Temperate Marine Climate, and you know that.
The high was 56. You mean north polar air is shunted?? Big difference.
Never mind. I read that wrong.
Why does a 57 degree high here surprise you? The mean maximum high in Seattle in January is 56.4 degrees. So in about half the years, you get at least one 57 degree day in Seattle in January.
@8 the ave high for the month is 47.3. The mean record is higher than 57. The bigger story is the 64 on the 15th that tied the monthly record.
Not always... check out the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.


It had Molasses waves moving up to 35 mph!!!
@10: Oh yes! Thanks for remembering that. Almost 100 years ago.

That would make a great movie!
Thanks, OBAMA.
So full believer that climate change is real, but its bot unusual to have high 50s in jan...been here the past 10 years and we get some really nice days in jab/feb..

This article doesn't seem well researched. Temperatures in the 50s are not unusual for January in Seattle. It has been much colder than normal in eastern U.S....does that mean global warming is not true...of course not! The Stranger needs a fact checker!
Maybe people who aren't "from-heres" don't realize it's normal?
“ 'This is ok, the climate has always changed, it won’t be as bad as they say, this isn’t my problem.' This is intergenerational injustice; and as we burn through the fossil fuel resources of this one finite planet and alter the geologic trajectory permanently, we are also dramatically reshaping the life-sustaining capacity of the planet for our children."

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Remember: Nuclear winter always trumps "global warming."

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Having 50 degF days in January isn't rare, but setting new high temperature records used to be rare and setting new cold temp records is becoming rarer. .New heat records are outpacing new cold records by a factor of ~10 so it is important to see these temperature records as part of a trend, a warming trend in case you forgot.