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This really shouldn't even be a post at all. What am I thinking? What's to report? Two dead? That's nothing. Fifteen injured? They will get over it. To that permanent funky limp in your step, or wheeze with each breath, or the discomfort caused by the absence of chunks of your guts, we offer a blank page in the big but brief book of American life.

The suspect in this shooting does not look Arab, and so he really did not shoot or kill anyone of importance. Indeed, you are only important if you are killed by a Muslim terrorist. That's when things matter and things get done. Whole institutions can be transformed, and laws changed for the dead of, not just a terrorist attack, but one committed by a follower of the third Abrahamic religion. And the browner, the better. So, in the way that the sacrificed humans of the ancient Aztec world were not really killed, the gods of our world, white people, don't really kill people. An Aztec human sacrifice generated exactly what a person shot by a white American does: prayers.

When America says: "We will never forget," it doesn't mean Oklahoma City. Fuck that. Those type of dead people can be forgotten right quick. No need to waste brain cells or sleep on them. White people really can't be killers; their guns do not produce corpses but debates that die very quickly and surely. Always, if this talk about gun control comes alive, it's buried as fast as it's exhumed.

When a Muslim kills you, the gun is gone, and there is only the Muslim and what is finally recognized as a dead body. The state and mainstream media fly to this corpse with the intensity and purpose of sky-darkening witches in heat and on broomsticks, and make all of this noise about it like a crow funeral. This one, they say, is permitted to be dead. We, the public, are allowed to see and remember its body. The state and press bestow on it the power to authorize the boldest military actions and immigration policies.

Executive orders are in order when an American non-Muslim is slayed by a Muslim. But a white person can even kill lots and lots of white people listening to a really white country singer, and it's exactly like it didn't happen. White victims get is the same as the rest: moan and go on. Two dead in a high school shooting that may involve a white suspect has less value than a flash in the pan.

I'm not saying it like I want it to be. I'm saying it like it is.