Seattle Symphony's Incoming Music Director, Thomas Dausgaard, Is Kind Of a Rock Star


They are always grand until they are accused of something in Seattle.
I like Dausgaard, but his Variations on a Theme by Haydn and 2nd Symphony were both way too fast for my taste last night.

The 3/4 opening movement of Brahms 2 is decidedly not a waltz. It's almost a awakening. As the movement develops, rhythm becomes the most important element. Hemiola and syncopation are interspersed liberally.

I would have appreciated more punctuation in the music. You know, the 1/10 second breaths before a big tutti. None of those happened last night.

Don't mistake speed for intensity. Big ideas need time to develop.

Reading this article made me realize once again that I am the human equivalent of a dumb plain cake donut. Sigh.