What city is this?
What city is this? RyanJLane/gettyimage.com

As the Dems in Olympia are doing everything they can to cut dollars from Sound Transit, the GOP in Indiana is considering ending its ban on transit. Why? Because the state wants to be more attractive to Amazon, a corporation that hires a lot of young people and is looking for locations that can attract young and talented people.

It's now accepted that the young people of our day dig transit. Indiana, a state sold by its dominant party (the GOP) to the car and fossil fuel industry, is now seeing the limits of this economic commitment. As the world around it changes, and as its population gets older and older, it's seeing itself stuck with an economy that's fitted for a dying age. A Dem in Indiana is in fact forcing the GOP to reconsider its ban on transit. Yes, a fucking ban! That's how a state rolls when the GOP is all over it.

And yet here in Seattle, we have Dems who are working ever so hard to cut chunks out of Sound Transit's funding. And then everyone wonders why Amazon is looking for HQ2. Why Seattle is not good enough for headquarters 1 and 2? They actually blame us lefties for scaring away the city's biggest employer and job creator. We are so unfriendly to business. But if we look to Indiana, we find that, at the level of urbanism, the left's aggressive and radical transport program actually attracts young professionals. More bike lanes, more walkability, more buses, more transit, and so on.

But it does not end there with us. Not everything we push aligns with the interests of the e-commerce corporation. Our city should also attract and retain young non-professionals, and this means combining investments in alternative forms of mobility with the city government's direct management of the rental market.