Where Are All the Dog-Friendly Apartments in Seattle?


“Where Are All the Dog-Friendly Apartments in Seattle?” They are cleaning the piss, and shit stains as well as other pet smells out of the common areas. Nice when you’re spending 2,500 for a one-bedroom in a building older than the pyramids.
We've always allowed dogs. It does open up the market a lot. It helps not to have carpets because that is usually the thing that the animal messes up (either pees or chews). It's impossible to take a big enough deposit to cover a carpet replacement. we ask that the tenant professionally clean when they move out instead of renting the POS rug cleaner at Safeway.
I live in a small 6 unit building, with one local owner. I kove this! They actually meet you so they trust you as a person. No BS at all!
We can have whatever we want, because they know us. Those "one rule for all, pet rent, renters insurance, number on a credit score" apts SUCK! NEVER PAY PET RENT! ITS A FARCE!
Kids do waay more damage anyway!!
Once you let dogs in, kids are next, and kids carry all sorts of actual human diseases and are prone to playing with guns.
If landlords could legally charge "child" rent of an extra hundred or whatever for kids, they'd do it without hesitation.

Landlords are not there to be your friends. They're not there to help you have a roof over your head. They want as much profit and as little cost from their renters as possible. Exact same thing as health insurance providers. Nobody out in the world that you do any business with gives a shit about you. They just want your money. If they're "friendly" with you, it's only because you've probably paid them well and cost them little and they're pretending to like you in order to get more of your money. Try skipping a couple payments if you don't believe me and see how fast they go from "friendly" to "you'll hear from my lawyer."

/neither endorsing nor complaining... just stating the facts ma'am.
I dunno. When we lived in Ballard lo these many years ago, our building was strictly No Pets. Period. I'm more of a cat person myself. It wasn't until we moved to Snohomish County that we could finally get an amazing cat from a local shelter.
@3 Cami: I agree about kids doing more damage. We had two of the noisiest little ruffians downstairs whose clueless, doped up parents clearly didn't give a shit if their kids stampeded about like elephants.
I could probably get $100-200 more per month if we allowed pets. Not worth it. Every past tenant has claimed their pet is well behaved, and most have turned into a pain one way or the other. Never again.

When you think about it, it is pretty crazy to live in a city with an animal. We have a dog that I like very much, but won’t replace when he dies. I don’t think city living is compatible with dogs for the most part.
Another reason to get rener's insurance: Some policies (like mine) cover loss (theft, etc.) off premises. In other words, when your bike gets stolen outside of work (mine did) and you can prove ownership (save those receipts and take a picture of yourself with your bike/computer/etc. clearly visible in it), the insurance company will cover the cost of a new comparable bike/computer/etc. after deductible and depreciation. It also covered the brand new wheel set and work I had just had done on it two weeks earlier cause I had receipts.

Renting in the city? Get Renter's insurance. It's worth it.

And not all dogs cause damage. Stop blaming them. Blame the idiot humans.
ALWAYS get comprehensive renter's insurance.

ALWAYS get comprehensive homeowner's insurance.

What about teachers?

Therapists? Theoretical Physicists?

Or, you know, volunteer workers?

Maybe you can only find meaning in your work when it's written on your paycheck, but that doesn't mean the Capitalist Mind-Control SatNet has transformed everyone else in the world into market-optimizing randbots.

And damn, man, if you're walking around out there every day thinking anyone who smiles at you must be paid to do so, then you're in far worse shape than any of us thought.
Cats are a bigger problem for long-term apartment issues, because it can take an act of god to get rid of cat piss smell. Dogs aren't nearly as bad, comparatively speaking.

But it's funny to obsess over messes left by pets, considering how bad humans can be (or at least how good they are at leaving horrible messes behind). The same people who let their pets ruin an apartment are going to mess it up some other way.
White people problems....
People who live in apartments should not be allowed to have dogs.
yes, a major issue in this city. pphht.

you really need to charge an extremely high pet deposit if dogs are allowed, and that would be an imposition on low income folks, right?
I've seen homes destroyed by dogs with holes in the wood floors and scratched up doors. That is why many places don't allow them - no damage deposit can ever cover that kind of damage.
I'm doing just fine, thanks for your concern though.

Randos who smile at you on the street are probably genuine (or just reacting reflexively) but you're not doing business with them are you.

Also, I wasn't talking about finding meaning in work, I was talking about people who you are paying to provide a service for you. Sure, sure they might feel friendly towards you, but it's the money that does the real work. That friendly teacher who only wants the best education for your kid? Tell them they're not gonna get a paycheck anymore and that you're personally responsible for that and see if they're still excited about teaching your kid. Same with therapists. Same with everyone.

Yeah, volunteer workers or people working pro bono are probably more genuine, but how many of those are there compared to people who send you a bill?
@8 & @9: Fully agreed. If my building didn't have security doors, and my unit didn't have a steel frame front door, a he-man dead bolt, and the hinges weren't on the inside, I'd worry. Up until recently our building had a clueless mom and a totally unsupervised, cocky little MONSTER living down the hall. He acted like he owned the place, messing with tenants' parked cars, trying people's door handles, and if there was an open door, he'd walk in and take stuff. What a relief that they're gone! I'm going to be blissfully celebrating their departure for months. If I had Mary Lou Retton's U.S. Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnastic capabilities I'd triple somersault up and down the hallways and in the parking lot.
@11 herpaderpa: Have your male cat neutered, then he won't likely spray anymore. Problem solved. I'll take a cat over a dog any day, but that's just me, usually getting along a lot better with felines.
@13: RomCom: Thank you.
If there can be someone at home the bulk of the time, then great. Otherwise, an apartment is no place for a dog and you are just being selfish.
I used to work for Thrive Property Managment, all 4 buildings I worked in (3 on the Hill each a stones throw from the Vet on 12th & 1 in the CD a few blocks from Ike's) allowed cats & dogs so long as you paid the non-refundable pet deposit to cover the cost of deeper cleaning & a heavier repaint & reset before the next tenant moved in. I am not aware of any no animals allowed properties in their portfolio but it has been over a year since I worked with them so I can not make any promises.