Miss Shelrawka has been one of Seattles foremost underground techno/house DJs over the last decade.
Miss Shelrawka has been one of Seattle's foremost underground techno/house DJs over the last decade. Vitamin Dee Photography


Top 5 current tracks:

Mark Broom, "One Sound (DJ Hyperactive Remix)" (Myth)

Ellen Allien, "Innocence" (Truncate Remix)" (Bpitch)

Truncate, "WRKTRX3 (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" (Truncate)

Loso & Freshbeat, "Transylvania (Forest People Remix)" (Gobsmacked)

Andre Crom, Expansion EP (Ovum)

Crew: "Currently in transition at the moment, but Möbius Sisters it is for now."

Styles played: "It's across the board. It really depends on what I am feeling or the event people are asking me to play. Primarily, I play techno and house."

Events organized: "Just completed throwing a show at Re-bar for Noncompliant with Rob Winter, who was also part of Möbius Sisters, and Dane Wilson. This was one I had been working on for a while to bring her out here. Have a few more events I am planning this year and early next year, so a few surprises up my sleeves. Keep an eye out; they surely will not disappoint."

DJing philosphy: "Be you up on the decks; nervousness will always be there, but trust yourself, and know you got this. One other tip: Don't forget to look up at the crowd. The DJ and the crowd feed off each other's energy. This is what helps make the party work."

Format: "Vinyl and CDJs—but CDJs make traveling a lot easier."

Worst request: "'Hey, I really like what you are playing but can you play some hiphop—ya know, something that people will dance to?'"

Upcoming events: "Currently working on a special event for March; I have a booking in California in May for a private event; and an internet radio show for Good Promotions later in the year. More things to come."

Listen to Shelrawka's mixes here.