Even the Chamber of Commerce Is Calling Out Democrats for Caving on Sound Transit Funding Cuts


Your vote still counts though! Lol...
ok #2, we'll reduce your salary by 5%. OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING. $2.3B is an incredible amount of money over 30 yrs, for transit. it's more an entire project. not to mention the increased debt financing. but hey, anything to pull back a few bucks for drivers. you pay so much for the cost of driving. [GIANT SARCASTIC EYE ROLL]
I thought Sound Transit lied about the cost of car tab hikes? Drivers enraged yada yada their car tabs were bigger than expected. I'm not saying we don't need transit in our region because we DO. That said IF Sound Transit lied about the car tab fluctuations or whatever model they use to calculate car tabs...well they lied. Find another way to fund the missing 2.3 billion and don't be surprised that the average person is pissed because their tabs are "too expensive". Why not use taxes from cannabis to help fund transit projects?! Just an idea lol.
@4, Sound Transit didn't lie about anything. They were simply using the formula that was provided them by the state legislature. And the flaws in the valuation/depreciation schedule have been common knowledge for a while now.

Anyway, the reason I'm coming on here to comment is add some context. The direct loss of $780 million may not seem like such a big percentage of ST3's funding, but it's coming on top of the loss for the foreseeable future of the federal grants Sound Transit was counting on for both ST2 and ST3 what with the Trump administration going out of its way to stick it to mass transit. Yeah, how's that wonderful infrastructure plan coming along?
More importantly, where are the funds coming from for the inevitable Billions in cost overruns?
Thats ok, Jay Inslee can tap into those state reserves.
Heaven for bid the democrats do the right thing.