You could have it all.
You could have it all. arto_canyon

#MeToo in Olympia: The Legislature relies on an antiquated complaint system for sexual harassment claims. The complaints are investigated by partisan staff members, legislative leaders, and administrative leaders. Since concerns that complaints aren't adequately investigated have surfaced, the Legislature has improved its sexual harassment prevention training. The proposal to make a task force to review and recommend changes like a code of conduct is before the Senate now. For many, the changes aren’t coming fast enough. "More than 170 current and former female lawmakers, lobbyists and staffers have signed a letter calling for legislative leaders to end sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in Olympia," The Seattle Times reports

Is White Center a speakeasy for non-taxed soda? People are flocking to White Center for soda-tax breaks. A Bartell’s Drug Store just outside Seattle city limits boasts on their marquee that their sugary drinks are tax-free. Will people continue to make the extra effort to get their coveted cokes? A four-year, $2 million UW study about the tax is underway currently and determined to find out.

Downward trend in Seattle crime, uptick in murders: There were 27 homicides last year compared to 18 in 2016. Aggravated assault and domestic violence also increased. Non-violent crimes like property crimes and burglaries declined, however.

Seattle becomes more electric-car friendly: As Seattle City Light opens two electric-car-charging stations. These are the first of 20 planned charging stations. This is part of Seattle’s effort to increase electric cars in the city and reduce carbon emissions, which have stayed about the same since 1990.

The school-bus driver strike is upon us: If you’re one of the 12,000 kids that takes the bus to a Seattle Public School, I’m proud of you for reading the news. It’s important to be engaged. But, more importantly, you’re going to have to find a different route to school on Thursday when the school-bus drivers plan to strike. They want more health benefits and a better retirement plan. Is that so much to ask?

Center for Disease Control director resigns over conflicts with financial interests: The story is still developing. This is what we know:

African-American Auburn man attacked in apparent hate crime: A man attacked DaShawn Horney, 26, on January 19 with a baseball bat because he spent the night with a white woman, the woman told police. A Lyft driver witnessed the whole event and called 911. Horne has not woken up from his injuries for 11 days. His alleged attacker, Julian Tuimaga, 18, was charged last week with first-degree assault and malicious harassment. His bail is set at $500,000.

Spruce up your vehicle with Sasquatch: A new Sasquatch vanity license plate has been proposed. It would cost $40 with $28 of that going to fund public parks. That would be a nice way to celebrate if the bill proposing Sasquatch as Washington’s official cryptid passes.

Happy 99th birthday to Jackie Robinson:

The State of the Union was last night: How did you feel about it? Here’s how we felt about it.

Here’s how some other people felt about it: By other people, I mean the Congressional Black Caucus.

These are the facts: Thanks to the Associated Press for doing the most exhausting and unrewarding job: fact-checking Donald Trump. Here’s their whole breakdown.

And, lastly, here’s a tweet I thought was funny:

Toronto cops get high, call cops on themselves: Let's break this story down. Two Canadian cops are doing surveillance, they eat some edibles to pass the time, then they start to hallucinate. One cop goes missing. The other radios for help. The female officer who responded slipped on ice and hit her head while she was trying to help one of the officers who was up in a tree. This all took place at 1 a.m. As you can imagine, they're suspended now.

Last summer’s fish farm “fish spill” was the farm’s fault: Cooke Aquaculture has been fined $332,000. A state investigation into its net-pen failure last August found that Cooke lowballed the amount of escaped fish and that their poor maintenance led to the pen collapse. Cooke Aquaculture was all, “oops, one or two fish got out, we don’t know what happened." Really, they said 160,000 escaped. It was found that actually 263,000 fish were released into the Salish Sea. Vastly different numbers. The best part was it happened right after the eclipse and their initial excuse was “weird tidal activity from the eclipse” caused the net-pen to collapse.

The incredible lunar event no one in Seattle got to see: If by some miracle you caught a glimpse of the Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse through a break in the clouds, pay no attention to this. For everyone else, here’s what we missed due to pesky cloud cover.

Let's hope the weather cooperates in 2037:

Another Wednesday morning, another day dedicated to your breakfasts: This is what you're eating today.

Alex is pulling out all of the stops. I'm salivating.

Did anyone else's stomach growl looking at this? Just me? Alex W

Who taught Kyra how to poach an egg so well? What kind of culinary artist are you?

Kyra A

"Here it is, the good old Jill Taylor, bringing both biting sarcasm and the honest sentiment to carry the shows heavy moments," Joe wrote in his email. Glad to see you're sticking with the apricot jam, Joe.

Dependable. Joe L

More jam and toast from William. He throws on some cream cheese to spice things up. Also, he's seven. Take notes, Joe.

William W.

Ben knows the meaning of a balanced breakfast.

Ben L

Send January out with a bang: Tonight's best entertainment options include a Tod Marshall and Claudia Castro Luna reading, the first night of Dragon Baby, and the Wombats at the Showbox.