Outside In
Outside In Nathan M. Miller

Sundance has lately shown little to no love for Seattle films. This would be a big, if not fatal, blow to scene if that festival was the only game in town. Thankfully, it's not. There's also Austin's SXSW. Last year, that festival, which actually launched the career of Moonlight director Barry Jenkins—his first film, Medicine for Melancholy, was accepted by SXSW in 2008—featured two films from Seattle (SJ Chiro's feature, Lane 1974, and Wes Hurley's short documentary "Little Potato.") The former left the festival with a distribution deal, and the latter with the top prize in the short documentary category.

This year, the festival's lineup includes Megan Griffiths's feature, Sadie (the film's world premiere), Lynn Shelton's Outside In (the film's US Premiere), and Zeek Earl's and Chris Caldwell's Prospect, a sci-fi feature that emerged from a 2014 short film of the same name.


Local filmmaker Mel Eslyn produced Outside In; Jennessa West, the producer on Lane 1974, produced Sadie with Lacey Leavitt. With the exception of West, Earl, and Caldwell, these filmmakers won or were nominated for a Stranger Genius Award in film. The festival will open with a "supernatural horror film," A Quiet Place , that stars Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and also includes a feature written and directed by those dangerous legs in Blade Runner—the legs of Daryl Hannah—Paradox.