"It's Pretty Much Devastating": School Bus Drivers Strike for More Affordable Health Insurance


Anyone who drives a school bus full of children deserves any kind of bennies they ask for. Imagine driving in Seattle traffic with a bus load of screaming horrible human spawn and you can't even use LEGAL WEED to chill when you get home. That is a horrific scenario. Give those people some health insurance FFS.
We love our bus driver! I have so many examples of Mr. Sam going above and beyond the call of duty, like driving back to our house after his route to return a lost trombone and always holding on to the hats/gloves/jackets my kids leave on the bus. These drivers know and love our kids. I hope they get what their asking for (and soon).
Is there a strike support fund that parents can chip in to?

Fuck, Obamacare was never perfect by a long shot, but it was so much better before Republicans trashed it however they could. Remember when independent childcare workers started to be able to buy insurance and take their children for checkups for the first time since infancy? I do. Clean house 2018.
Other industries also do not provide healthcare for part time work. It's common practice.
Government is about the only sector where unions still hold sway.
Unions eventually inevitably destroy the industries they infest but government is immune to free market pressures.

ObamaCare is/was sinking under it's own weight, and taking the lower middle class with it.
Sure, some folks got Free Stuff and who doesn't like Free Stuff?
But the poor saps who got stuck with the bill (not The Rich; poor saps who were already struggling to pay for their own health insurance and saw ObamaCare make their premiums triple and their deductibles go up 10X...)
were not so thrilled.
You may have noticed they elected Trump as a result.
Clean House?
Not if you keep making the same tired mistakes.