State Fines Sarbanand Farms $150,000 for Failing to Give Workers Breaks


God damn them Overburdensome Regulations! Howtf can a guy make a lousy buck anymore?! America's getting soft! Buncha damn pussies! (Thank God for Mein Trumpfy -- only HE can make America GREAT again!)

Plenty more workers willing to work for minimal wage, or peanuts (no, not now) (dammit, we'll tell you when) (now getchyur whiny damn asses back to work!) where those ones came from.

Oh, wait --
Oh, and speaking of Overburdensome Regulations, thank God for Washington's brand spankin' new "Sick Pay," eh? (You don't spose Sarbanand Farms, as an agricultural-type employer, is exempt from such cruel and unusual treatment, do you? If anyone needs a big break, it's Big Ag.)
Yet another reason that it's long-past time for agricultural laborers to be covered by American labor laws(and for those labor laws to be enforced again for the first time since 1981.
I wonder if they'll rehire those who protested, went on strike, and complained? I wouldn't if I owned the farm. I'd pay the fine off, then get back to business.