great post - amazed that this all needs to be pointed out, but if its at all happening then it definitely does. nice to hear the positive reception of thumbs up and smiles at the DJ
Next, a brief guide to using emphasis italics.
DJs are talentless doofus hispters who noodle around on stereo equipment that anyone can use, and they call that a "skill", which it is not. Neither is it a "talent".

None of these bozos have any musical knowledge. They don't actually create music or have any knowledge about how music might get created. They simply burp out recycled 'house music' crap that only serious MDA waste-oids appreciate. Oh but I am sure they opinions about music....

If anyone hasn't noticed, there are about 50 skidillion automated radio programs that do the same thing only better. What does it say when a robot does your "job" better?
In short, they are not worth your time unless you aspire to "doofus hipster".
And Dave, no. Playing records for people is not work. Just like texting is not a skill.
althoigh i recognize a troll by their boorish words and ‘ i still live in my momma’s basement ‘ courtesies. i would like to point out that dave is not a house music dj.. his knowledge is canyon deep, rarely paralled and one would well to listen and learn. from whatever he says .. in other words, this is grown folks knowledge and wisdom..mmmmkay ?
@6. Does his canyon deep knowledge include the ability to play an instrument or sing in key?

He just likes and plays other people’s music? And drunk people dance? Sounds like grown folks shit alright. If by grown folks you mean talentless children with an unearned superiority complex.
"there was no damage to the vinyl" never sounds right
You don't have to apologize for using "their", bud.
@5 & @7 Your arrogance and ignorance are in a battle to the death. Hopefully.
I shouldn't reply to "Popelick Monster" because everything it ever has posted on Slog has been carcinogenic with ignorance. However, I will say that PM's concept of DJs is a parody of a clichéd viewpoint that was already rancid in 1982.
Guess it's not just Fashion trends that comeback.
@11 nice!
@7- you have no idea who you are talking to, do you?
@14. No. If DJs were relevant in some meaningful way then their air of self importance might be tolerable. But they’re not and it isn’t.
@15- look, I get it. I would no more go see David gruyere than I would stop mudede from stepping in front of a moving bus. No dj is going to play what I want to hear. I try not to go to places where I am forced to listen to someone else's idea of music. In fact, if I'm sitting in a quiet bar and someone throws "mo'crap yellow" on the jukebox then you better be damned sure I'm going to plug it with 10 songs worth of 80's hair metal and walk out. Riz is a different cat. You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer person, and since the dinosaurs walked the Earth people having BEEN PAYING HIM MONEY to play at their venues. People have been paying to see him at those venues. Maybe he has no meaning or relevance to you, that doesn't mean he is meaningless to generations of Seattle-ites.

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