Ex-Circle Jerks drummer Kave-Ins knowledge and collection of obscure rock, pop, R&B, and exotica 45s runs deep.
Ex-Circle Jerks drummer Kave-In's knowledge and collection of obscure rock, pop, R&B, and exotica 45s runs deep. Toni Wells


Current top 5 tracks:

Gumbo, "We Don't Care" (Fontana, France) "Stompin', snotty glam/proto-punk with female vocals, although you couldn't tell from the four geezers on the pic sleeve! Mysterious..."

Aki, "Voodoo Drums" (Pan World) "Amazing, moody, and tribal exotica mover with a slammin' drum solo in the middle! Far superior to the Reprise version, in my humble opinion."

Bunker Hill, "The Girl Can't Dance" b/w "You Can't Make Me Doubt My Baby" (Mala) "Actually, 'You Can't...' is the A-side, but I listed 'The Girl Can't Dance' first 'cuz it's one of the most unhinged examples of externalized R&B id ever unleashed! 'You Can't...' ain't no slouch, either—fantastic movin' and shoutin' popcorn. With Link Wray & His Wraymen as the backing band, to boot!"

Dick Rivers, "Via Lucifer" (Pathé, Canada) "Awesome swirly, pounding, sitar-laden sike ode to Satan from Monsieur Rivers, better known for twistin' up a storm in his early days as singer for Les Chats Sauvages. Guess he got 'woke' somehow..."

Gold, "No Parking" (Golden State) "Mind-boggling, bonehead psych from San Francisco, not from the Summer of Love but from the Winter of Hate. Bad vibes abound, but SUCH A JAMMER!"

Crew/label affiliation: "I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member."

Styles played: "'50s/'60s R&B, RAB, and popcorn, '60s garage & psych, '70s glam, punk, and hard rawk, girl group, '60s French/Quebeçois garage and pop."

Events organized:
BOVVER, second Fridays at Jupiter Bar.
Kave-In's Wiggle Room, various dates and locales.

DJing philosophy: "Hit' em where they ain't!"

Format: "45s only, 78s break too easily."

Worst request: "Any request that has nothing to do with what I've been playing for the past coupla hours."

Upcoming events:
BOVVER, Friday February 9, Jupiter Bar. Punk & hard rawk, glitter & glam, sloppy R&B.
Sat. Feb. 24, the Carlile Room. All soul, all night.
Kave-In @ Corvus & Co., Saturday March 3, Corvus & Co. Exotica, popcorn, soothing sounds.
Friday April 27 at the Savage Spring Shindig, Slim's Last Chance.