Witness: White privilege.
Witness: White privilege. Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Nearly 50 percent of Seattleites make less than $50k: According to IRS data obtained by The Seattle Times, about half of the tax-returns filed in the Seattle metro area reported income less than $50,000. Seattle continues to be more and more expensive, yet there are so many residents merely scraping by. The poorest zip codes are Pierce County and South King County.

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Trying times for trains: Mudslides have shut down all train routes north of Seattle through Monday. The inconvenience pales in comparison to yesterday’s Amtrak collision that killed two people in South Carolina. Or, earlier this year, a train carrying GOP members of Congress got into an accident and, just in December, we had our own train tragedy close to home.

Speaking of trains: A man was struck by one in Carkeek Park last night around 10 p.m. He was found under the train and rushed to the hospital in stable condition but with serious injuries.

Sound Transit facing breach of contract lawsuit: The contractor who built and designed Sound Transit’s Capitol Hill Station alleges that they were underpaid for design changes the agency made. The company is seeking $12.5 million in a lawsuit filed Friday. Sound Transit disputes these claims and will argue that “contractor error” accounts for the company’s claims.

Spare us, Nunes: Apparently this dipshit is going to release approximately five more memos to the world, purportedly showing corruption and wrongdoing within government agencies like the FBI and the Justice Department. I’m sure these sequels will be just as disappointing as the original. Is it a good thing or a bad thing if they spur more “Yo Memo” jokes? I can't decide.

(Please share your best "Yo Memo" joke in the comments.)

Textbook access codes make college more inaccessible: Textbooks and textbook prices might be the most criminal part of the college experience. Some cost hundreds of dollars. Some get assigned so someone actually reads your professor’s book. Usually, there are ways around these costs. But, buying used and selling old textbooks isn’t possible when they come with unique online access codes to do online homework and quizzes. There’s only one code per book and it expires once the course is over. These types of textbooks mess with students trying to save a dime — something that’s necessary when the price of textbooks has risen more than four times the rate of inflation during the past decade.

Harvard is studying the impacts of football on former players: Including many former Seahawks. The study takes a holistic look at the health of former players. It doesn’t just focus on brain injuries, but that is certainly part of the study. Nearly 4,000 NFL players are under examination.

The Dow keeps dropping: This continues Friday’s downward trend.

Seattle says Facebook has failed to follow law on election ad transparency: The company, after requesting extra time, provided meager data that did not align with city election records. In fact, Facebook’s disclosure was called “woefully inadequate.” “We gave Facebook ample time to comply with the law,” Seattle Ethics and Elections Executive Director Wayne Barnett said, “but their two-page spreadsheet doesn’t come close to meeting their public obligation. I’ll be discussing our next steps this week with the City Attorney’s office.”

“This game has been as good as Justin Timberlake”: One of the announcers said during yesterday’s Super Bowl. I don’t know if the announcer has his finger on the pulse because, from what I can tell (I didn’t watch the halftime show), not a lot of people really gave a shit about ol’ JT.
The game was exciting, however. The Philadelphia Eagles were quickly adopted as America’s team since everyone and their mother hates the Patriots. They beat the Patriots 41-33.

My 12-year-old brother's final football take of the season:


He is of course talking about the bear from the zoo referenced in Friday's Slog AM. He then elaborates and goes into extreme detail about that nail-biter of a game.

Ever the realist.
Ever the realist. NG

Sports fans are fucking nuts: Let’s cut to some raucous celebration. I don’t know if I’m happy for them, disgusted by them, or jealous that I will never care about something as much as they care about football. (Hint: I'm disgusted.)

Instead of greasing poles with Crisco: Philadelphia police had to lube up anything potentially climbable with hydraulic grease. Eagles fans are creative, though.

What would they do without white privilege: Riots are okay when they're about sports, you see.

This guy literally takes a bite out of horse shit to celebrate: You read it in the caption, you don’t need to watch the video. I’ve warned you. However, if you do watch the video please explain it to me. Thanks!

Shame on Philly: How can we stand for this?

Amazon shells out some dough for the French: The online retailer is coughing up $250 million in back taxes over disputes with tax agencies since 2012.

NHL wooing Seattle? The NHL can’t help but blush when it thinks about Seattle. It has all three of the NHL’s criteria for a (life) partner: market, building, and ownership. Three different NHL executives raved about Seattle as the place for an NHL expansion. What’s a city to do with so many compliments? We’re flattered, sure. But we’re used to you guys with your big talk. Buy us dinner first, NHL.

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