Who Wants to Be an Artist-in-Residence in the Northwest Tower of the Fremont Bridge?


It makes us feel warm and fuzzy all over knowing out tax dollars are being used for such a good purpose.
If an artist needs this noisy (ear plugs should be mandatory) space to create maybe they should look for different employment. I wonder how many meals for homeless children this 10 Grand could buy?

I wonder the same thing about how many meals for homeless children this could buy?
@3, That's Federal money, this is local money and local taxes. If you really feel this is tax money well spent, rather then feeding hungry kids, then I assume that's how you think.
#4 I bet your a blast at parties
@5, not at parties you go to I'm sure.
so property taxes are set to launch into orbit but this crap is totes important? give me a break. also, never complain about rent being too high ever again.
The city should do many more projects like this. We’d have more public art, and skinflints like Jackkay would keel over dead at the thought of losing so much precious, precious money. It’d be a double win!
What part of "Federal money is also taxes" are you pretending not to understand?

@4's not stupid; he's a smarty,
He gets invites to just ONE Party.
I'm going to blog my bid for the residency till I hit a dead end: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/fremontbridg…