Local NPR supporter listening to the latest episode of This American Life
Local NPR supporter listening to the latest episode of This American Life Getty Images

I don't think I've ever stopped in the middle of a podcast to text about it, tweet about it, or tell everyone I know about it. Last night, I did just that, in the midst of the most recent episode of This American Life:"Words You Can't Say." Yup. Ira Glass discovered social justice Twitter.

The show,which was produced by Stephanie Foo and reported by Dana Chivvis and The New Yorker's Kelefa Sanneh, goes deep into call-out culture and how it has ripped through parts of the (very online) left.

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Act 1 features Laci Green—an intersectional, ex-Mormon, feminist social justice warrior on YouTube who pissed off the left for, among other things, using the term "dyke" (a word that this dyke didn't realize was on the banned list). A choice quote from Green: "People got mad at me when I said 'male' or 'female' in a video." Her videos, by the way, are mostly sex ed.

Green, who might be equally loathed by the left and right at this point, made matters for worse herself by actually getting to know the anti-SJW contingent that had taunted her online. Then, she really stepped in shit by falling for a YouTuber who writes acoustic guitar songs about how feminists can't take a joke. She's literally sleeping with the enemy. You can imagine what happened next, but you don't have to because you can go listen to the show!

Act 2 is enlightening in a whole other way. Turns out, the right eats its own, too! I've never felt more connected to humanity in my life. It's like I got red-pilled and then blue-pilled all in the same hour. I would love to observe an intergenerational listening party discuss this show, but since we don't have that, you should give it a listen and discuss in the comments.