Choice Comments from Quincy Jones: Michael Jackson Was Heartless, Ivanka Trump Has Great Legs but a Bad Father, and the Beatles Sucked


I think Q was saying that Brando, Baldwin, Pryor, etc. were all guys who would "fuck anything", not each other.
When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my best friends mother was a backup singer for Quincy Jones, and his father some sort of stage tech. When she passed away from cancer, Jones came to the funeral and let all us kids (some grieving, some just confused) ride in his limo. Then he played trumpet at the service and all the parents cried. This has nothing to do with how he lives his now (or then), but it's a nice, if fuzzy, memory I haven't shared in a very long time.

Also, somehow we ended up with all the flowers from the service so for the next week our house looked like a Miami brunch spot during Easter.
@1, no really they literally fucked each other…
@1, just don't believe those names came out of the air.
Went to High School with one of his younger brothers. He was a senior and I was a junior. Nice guy, very humble. Never bigdealedit.
Well, actually, the Beatles were good. very good.
Re: sucking. Are we talking Early Beatles, when they played to drunks in German cellars/clubs, or the guys who made Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper and The White Album?

Cause if it's the latter, I gotta quibble or two with your possibly slanderous, certainly scandalous, un-supported-by-facts Headline.
Great missive, CM.
He said the beatles were lousy musicians, as in bad at playing instruments. He said nothing about songwriting or production.
TL;DR: Mudede lets on that he believes any random made-up story, so long as Quincy Jones said it, evidence to the contrary be damned. Just like any responsible journalist would.
Pryor's Widow confirmed he had sex with Brando. They were both Bi. Deal with it.
Charles, Do you agree that do you think Barry White is a better performer than Quincy Jones?
Sounds like he's happy to pal around with people he knows are being assholes, he'll just dish about them later.