Protesters in Olympia Blame Police for Woman's Death; Police Blame Paramedics


"the narrative became one of police brutality, and it's not hard to see why:";
not hard at all;
because Leftist media have spent years creating a false narrative about police 'brutality'.

The Left is rapidly molding the underclass into an ungovernable violent mob.

"To the mob, it doesn't matter what actually happened; what matters is that a woman in the community is now dead and someone must answer for that."
That is the rationale of every lynch mob.
“Angry truck driver”...seems like the people kicking his truck and screaming at him to stop might have had a part in that scene too.

And by “activists” you mean a mob of dipshits who don’t know what actually happened being infiltrated by anarchists, criminals, and vandals looking for some shit to get into.

These lames are so pathetic. Looking for a “crime” to paint their narrative over. How many of the 109 were armed and assulting police officers when they died? Go to WaPo and find out. Pretty slim pickings on the unarmed and innocent being slaughtered by the cops stories.
"To the protesters, it doesn't matter who injected her with sedatives; what matters is that a woman in the community is now dead and someone must answer for that."

this is just horrible. The protesters are who should be held accountable, presuming they are residents of the area. WE are all responsible for each other! it's really easy to complain about how the first responders did their job, but particularly the police seemed to do everything right, and then a tragic medical outcome happened. Our institutions are run and staffed by people. People like me an you. with faults.

Sadly, what @1 said seem somewhat true. "an ungovernable mob"...
Fact Check:
These are not 'protesters'
These are not 'activists'
These are hoods and criminals assaulting motorists in the middle of the street.
Katie, please make a note of it...
@4: She won't. Katie loves these standing on such soapboxes.
@2 &4:

Yeah, "angry" because people were screaming and kicking his 6,000 pound vehicle in an attempt to prevent him from running over someone - which apparently he did anyway. So yeah, how DARE this bunch of dipshit anarchists, criminals, vandals, and hoods have the audacity to try to stop someone from being injured or killed, especially in the immediate aftermath of someone already having been killed by first responders who were either inept, ill-trained, or just downright negligent - I mean, what's the big deal, amiright?
They had no right to be in the middle of the street.
They had no right to block or "redirect" traffic.

A motorist encountering a mob in the middle of the street assailing them and their vehicle would be prudent to get away as quickly as possible.……
@6. Novel idea... If you don’t stand in front of a moving vehicle, you won’t get hit.
Sometimes people die even when first responders do everything that should and could have been done.
You have no basis to accuse these of ineptitude, ill-training, or just downright negligent.
Jesus, what a mess. The state of care for people with mental health issues in this country is a national tragedy, and a fucking embarrassment besides.
Based on what the witness said, I'm not sure what the police could have done differently. Some people don't respond to de-escalation, and appropriate force needs to be used. I don't know if the paramedics should have given her a sedative, but I have no doubt they never imagined it would result in a fatal outcome.

The hard fact is that when people are having a psychic break, especially if it involves drug use, they may not survive the incident if stressed. She may not have survived regardless of the PD/FD response. It's not as if people dying in such circumstances is unheard of.
They may have been protesters when they started the protest. Obviously they turned into a mob. Blocking, surrounding and hitting a vehicle with people in it...that's a mob. They had every right if they felt threatened to drive away.

This is why I have found myself on the outside of the Progressive movement. It's been taken over by Commie Leftists and I want no part of it.

I have mental health issues, and when in the throws of a meltdown I hope officers restrain me in the most humane way possible. It appears--even by the shit rhetoric of this article--the officers treated this person in a dignified way.

I feel for everyone involved, except the incessant complainers. You stand in front of a vehicle, what do you expect will happen?

And what about point out the driver was white or "appeared" to be white? Nothing was said about the race of the officers or paramedics...did some of them happen to be POC?
#10 It's possible they had mental health issues, and some other issue. I have thyroid issues, and when my thyroid gets whacked, my demeanor is like I'm high on meth. Never did meth in my life.
I was driving in my car as the protesters moved down the street. I had to stop for about maybe half a minute as they moved through with signs. They were completely peaceful and nobody was throwing anything. What that truck driver did is vehicular assault and he should be arrested, which I foubt will happen because the police are not interested in enforcing the law when the crime has been committed by someone they agree with.
#14 Thaks for sharing you anecdotal experience. Curious if the driver of that vehicle shares the same experience as you.

RCW, you can use whatever force necessary to protect yourself from Grave bodily harm or death.

A mob of people blocking your vehicle and surroundings it, he would have good reason to fear something was going to happen. Don’t fuck with other people’s Freedom and Liberty to live out their life and you won’t get hit by vehicles fleeing from your mob.

Everyone has a right to protest. What you do t have a right to do it stop others from exercising their right to doing what they will with their life.

I get it though, such a basic tenet isn’t something leftist find appealing.
@1: false narrative about police 'brutality'

The narrative was created by video recordings of horseshit cops who shouldn't be
@4: Those are opinions, not facts. If this distinction is beyond your grasp, you should probably leave the opining to the smart people.
"but I have no doubt they never imagined it would result in a fatal outcome."

Uh. I would sure hope the paramedics have better sense.

Bottom line, you drug somebody and they die, questions should be asked.
@15 the rcw you site was used to file charges on a guy in a car in Olympia last year who pulled a gun and shot another guy who whacked his car with a skateboard after getting honked at for I mpreding the gun car guy’s progress at an intersection downtown.

The police said gun car guy should have just waited and then should have driven away after he waited because he was not in any real danger lock safely inside his car.

I bet this current situation will result with charges for truck person based on the very law you think protects truck person.
#19 The totality of the circumstances will dictate whether charges are brought. Your first example is not the same type of circumstances.

It's irrelevant what the police say...we all know the police say a lot of things. The driver should be concerned what the prosecutor has to say about it.

I suspect he won't catch a charge.
The police lie a lot. They kill unarmed people mostly people of color then lie about it.
Aiming a truck at people in the street is a serious crime. This idiot was not in any danger period. The pistol packing whacko was reported but that was ignored.

Take your toxic masculinity and check in with reality. In a country with more people in prison that any other country in the world you have no defense and are part of the oppression.
#21 You have stats to back up that most POC shot by police are unarmed?

What’s more dangerous that “aiming” a truck at people isnpeople standing in front of a truck for no other reason than to intimidate people who are driving down the street minding their own business.

Toxic masculinity...get real. I’d ask you to provide proof it exists but I wouldn’t want to force you to dig up leftist tripe.

That mob are lucky the driver didn’t just outright take off when he felt threatened. At least he gave them a chance to move, but apparently some of them were too stupid to step out of the way of a moving vehicle.
#21 the good news for the members of the mob that got hit is they get a nice little victimhood story to add to their incessant list of wrongs life has heaped at them.
@ 6, you are wrong. It sounds more like excited delirium, with the police, fire and medics following accepted medical procedures.
@ 21, you are wrong; police kill more white people than people of color. Stop the histrionics & get a counselor.
My, my, shirtless in Seattle didn’t you get your right wing shirt in a knot. The fact that you think its ok to run over people on the street proves my point.

Itfd - So, you admit that the police kill a lot of people and does that bother you? If not then most likely you should see a counselor for your complete lack of empathy. The facts don’t back you up about the police murders of POC. Why so defensive?
Shirtless in Seattle can you prove you are not a white supremacist?
And finally you are vastly out numbered. And in the future will be obsolete. And that goes for your toxic masculinity too.
#27 Oh dear, did someone just accuse me of being a White Supremacist...change the record.

I didn’t say it’s ok to run people over for no reason. All people have to do is read my previous comments to know that.

And as far as my political views, I’ve never vied republican/conservative in my entire voting life. Always voted Progressive/Democratic.
#27 I’m so right wing I voted for Kshama, and wanted Sanders on the Democratic ticket.
#27 and I’m not even a man. You know so much about me...not

Nice deflection though.
@25. The police don’t kill a lot of people. Who they kill and the circumstances surrounding those deaths are available on WaPo website that tracks these things. Look at it for yourself next time you have a FEELING about the number of unarmed POC being killed by police in this country. Because the FACTS just aren’t on your side of the argument. One unarmed person of color was shot and killed so far in the US in 2018.…


How many unjustified killings of black men by police were there last year?
Spoiler Alert: very very few.

You have been guzzling the koolaid the Leftist media serves up.
Open your eyes.
You guzzle your koolaid thank you very much. Justifying police brutality does not speak well
of anyone.

I’m calling bullshit on you and your FACTS. Examine the war on drugs for example and who is in prison and why. Generally speaking it is not white, rich people. Rant on.

One unjustified police killing is one too many.
@34. Ideological purity. What a world you must live in. Where nothing ever goes wrong and FACTS are only as real as how you feel about them.

WaPo isn’t good enough source for you? What is pray tell?
How. Many. Black. Men. Were. Killed. By. Police. In. Unjustified. Killings. Last. Year?

Every one gets intense scrutiny from the media.
Surely you can list them all. By name.

Lying about police conduct is evil.
And creates mistrust and fear among the communities that most need the assistance and protection of police; crime/violence/murder ravaged African American communities.
And has created an atmosphere where gullible domestic terrorists believe BLM/Leftist lies about the police and murder police officers in cold blood just because they are police officers.