See, the stock market is going up like its supposed to. Why? We are in the old days.
"See, the stock market is going up like it's supposed to. Why? We are in the old days." Leave It to Beaver

The Dow Jones is going up and down like crazy today. And according to Donald Trump, today, and not the usual suspects—Obama or Hillary—is to blame for this turbulence. The market fell by nearly 400 points at the day's start (PST), and it rose by nearly 500 points before noon, and then it fell by nearly 100 points right after noon. It was in the red for a bit, and then finally closed 330 points in the black. Still, the market has lost over 35 percent of the value it accumulated after Trump was elected. This is the fault of the villain who has replaced Obama and Clinton, for now, today. Trump believes that in the old days, the markets responded positively to good economic news, such as low unemployment and robust job creation. But today, "good news is reported, the Stock Market goes down."

Only 10 days ago, Trump was all about the wonderfulness of the stock market. It was soaring like never before. And the reason for its record-breaking performance was none other than him: the greatest man alive. Then, good news came on February 2 in the form of a monthly Labor Department report that showed the US had added 200,000 jobs in January. The markets began to fall after the report, and have been either crashing or swinging this way and that ever since.

By the "good old days," Trump is hinting at the distant ones of Leave It to Beaver, the Golden Age that MAGA aspires to. Or recall that line in the best American film of the 1990s, To Sleep With Anger: "Where we come from, you had to know, how to act right. You had to know how to say yes sir and no sir. You had to know your place." It sounds as if Trump is pointing to those distant days and times when people and markets knew how to act. But in reality he is not. He is talking about last week. The old days are only eight days ago—a third of a fly's lifespan. If a fly died in that space of time, it died young. But today is dramatically different from those good old days when he and the market were tight. Now, he is on one side (doing everything right); and the stock market is on the other (doing everything wrong). This is our president.