Jill Messick's Family Blames the Media for Her Suicide


blood on rose's hands!
Everyone thinks someone else is to blame for their loved one's suicide.
I don't get what Team Messick is saying happened. Messick went out of her way to tell Weinstein that McGowan had gotten into the hot tub "consensually" but had regretted it later. She evidently thought that was "something untoward to Rose, if not illegal"? Because a 23-24 year old woman got in a hot tub with an older guy? But then later Team Messick refers to "the horrific experience which Rose suffered."

Seems like they kinda want to have it both ways. They want to stand by Messick's email to Weinstein, but then they want to agree that something Very Bad happened to McGowan and Messick went to bat for her with her bosses. What did Messick actually think occurred, and why the fuck did she get back into it later by sending Weinstein that email?

The internet: it's forever, kids. Don't ever put anything in writing (or god forbid, in a picture) that you wouldn't want on the cover of the New York Times. If you have to say something unpleasant or difficult, do it in a phone call when it can be denied or ignored later.
Hollywood's a tough place to work if you're prone to depression and working with rapists and abusers.
@1 and @2 are both correct, if insensitive. Weinstein is deplorable, McGowan is mentally unstable. And memory is completely unreliable. I guess the editors of Rose's book should be the ones fact checking her allegations.
@2: Right, totally insane of them to suggest that being torn apart by a rampant mob of millions would compel her to kill herself.
Hearsay isn't going to see the record straight and especially not this statement that plays both sides of the issue to paint her as a saint that did no wrong while also acknowledging Rose suffered through a horrible experience that she somehow also embellished. Fuck this bullshit.
Mental Illness and suicide are horrible things to see a loved one go through. I feel sorry for her family. Suicide on first attempts aren’t often successful, so I wonder if she tried before. I wish the stranger would include info on suicide prevention with these stories instead of profiting on them.
@6 you're right. It definitely wasn't her lifetime battle with depression, it was the resurfacing of a 20-year old minor controversy that did her in.