Court Blocks UW from Charging College Republicans $17,000 Security Fee for Far Right Rally


That lunkhead with the beefy, tattooed bicep, wraparound shades and flag bandanna is a delight. Not sure how he hasn't managed his way onto the current president's cabinet quite yet as he's obviously more than qualified.
Sounds like UW's mistake was to not have a lawyer draft the response to the right-wingers. If it's a rumble this group wants, why not just meet in a parking lot after hours?
Why does that Patriot Prayer dude always dress like Randy "Macho Man" Savage?
Yay, descent into extremism.
Yeah, that's fine. Don't give these guys any security.
There once was a free speech gathering at the university.
That was counter-protested by adversity.
The countering group doth too much protest.
About what they find so easy to detest.
They use a nut as an example to the preamble.
In hopes to just cause a rankle.
And kill free speech by example.
On Facebook videos and YouTube, [Gibson] preaches “Hatred is a disease.” He counts the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. among his political heroes. He once invited a transgender person to speak at one of his rallies because he said it’s time all people were accepted.

If this is your idea of extreme, than you're the extremist.
Congratulations, Nazis.
just so you know, Patriot Prayer, the Hokoanas are probably banned from campus for weapons violations by now, so don't make them your guests of honor.

as much as you want to.
@8: Uh, read the headline - you lost.
I like the effort but I have to say your poetry reminds me of Star Trek's Data's poem to his cat:…
The College Republicans plan to hold a 1 p.m. event at Red Square

How deliciously ironic
Meh. Free speech is free speech. Let those who espouse offensive views express themselves and then be ostracized by society and rendered unemployable. That is how it is supposed to work.

Congratulations, Nazis.

And congratulations, Nazi.
Last year he cancelled a planned event on federal land in SF after the city called his bluff and wrapped the perimeter so PD could screen the attendees for weapons. He pays lip service to peace and understanding but take away their guns and suddenly he’s not interested in hosting his “free speech” rally anymore. It’s not an accident that his events draw out wing nuts and white nationalists.
OMG -- we can bring Weapons?!
(I wonder if I can get The Tank started --
hope we didn't huff up all the starting fluid....)
@14: Because if there's one thing the Third Reich stood for, it's free speech!

Lol, you silly Nazi.
@5, Then UW gets sued for failing their common law obligation to provide reasonable security to people using their facility, which will include people passing by, counted-protested, and the sponsors. As a public entity, the UW should be at the forefront of facilitating the 1st Amendment, even if the jackets are offensive assholes.
Major libraries on campus are closed tmrw - fyi.

Thanks; there was actually a slight chance I might have headed to the UW Library. It might be prudent to stay out of the U District altogether.
Why the actual fuck do i have to pay for these snowflakes' safe space? I thought they were supposed to be Real Men. The fuck are they afraid of?
Solid ruling from the judge. I don't care for Patriot Prayer or whatever their message is, but I truly loathe those who would come to protest their right to speak, all while wearing masks and trying to physically interrupt others' free speech rights.

It's completely inappropriate to charge groups different amount for security based upon how unstable opponents to that message will react. There's a Japanese concept called "mokusatsu" that means to conspicuously ignore something contemptible, much as you would ignore a child acting out. Maybe Antifa could learn a thing or two and just ignore messages they disagree with, rather than trying to curb others' free speech rights by starting confrontations at events like these.
UW has also chosen to close the libraries for the day, as well as cancel a planned LGBTQ event and a black history event. Apparently letting white supremacists speak is more important than education or supporting marginalized students.
Let us help you out;

"Apparently letting hooded cowardly antifa punks rampage is more important than education or supporting marginalized students."

Kent State knew how to handle a rowdy mob of punks, back in the day...
Poor Joey, such an apostle of nonviolence but plagued by these thug violent followers.
Seriously, this guy isn't "far right." That's totally ridiculous. On the other hand, the counter-protestors are literally far-left Trotskyists, Anarchists and violent communists who attacked and beat POC, the elderly, and random onlookers at Berkeley when PP had an event there.

Communists are the ones who are actually, literally, threatening violence and destruction. Meanwhile, Joey Gibson talks about non-violence and open dialouge between left and right. Is that unreasonable? Are we not allowed to have a conversation in the public space?

Progressives seriously need to examine their biases and how this affects their thinking and actions.
For a study on how biased progressives are, check here:…
Only speaking for myself here, but if i were an activist supporting non-violence and open dialogue among people with opposing views and neo-nazis keptvorganizing and speaking at my rallies i would probably take a time out for some serious soul-searching, but joey gibson just keeps on doing his thing. If his goal is fostering a dialogue he’s doing something wrong.
For an example of how stupid & ignorant georgie_windsor is check out his broken link.

The vast majority of my friends are progressive and communists of varying degree and not one has ever actually, literally, threatened violence and destruction against anyone.
What the fuck is wrong with the UW Republicans? You just cost the government $17,000 dollars, and you call yourself the party of fiscal responsibility. I get it -- you hate the government -- but shutting down the fucking library and every other event that happened in the cultural center of Puget Sound? For what? So some brilliant libertarian can talk about downsizing government? So Paul Ryan can talk about cutting Social Security for the greater good? So Donald Dipshit Trump can talk about his vision for a whiter America?

No. You just want some minor league Neo-Nazi to say some shit that no one really cares about. How many new Republicans did you register, boys? (and I do mean boys, because, you know, come on ...). Seriously, you fucking Republicans, what the fuck is your problem? We get it. Free speech is fucking free speech. You can bet your sorry little white asses that the ACLU will defend the fuck out of you (because that is how the Left rolls, bitch). But why? Why the fuck do you do this shit? Are you trying to destroy the party from within, or are you simply small minded little fucks that have nothing better to do?

maybe if you just tossed in a few more fucks they would understand...