Guest Editorial: Our Democratic Majority Needs to Get to Work Fixing Our Warped Tax System


Property taxes are going up by the taxes The Stranger has championed! YIPPEE!!!
It is so seductive to think you can get "The Rich" and Corporations to pay for stuff you want but the bedrock of a successful society is the middle class.
A society in which the middle class won't pony up to fund the services an enlightened society should provide (including and especially education...) will not be successful over the long run.
A positive successful attitude would be for the middle class to recognize a need and say 'let's roll up our sleeves and fix this problem'.
That is how America worked back when America worked, and was exceptional.
The Left, by contrast, constantly mews about how 'helpless and disadvantaged everyone is and we need to find someone (else) to pay for the stuff we want'.
Everyone wants healthcare, but no one, it seems, can afford to pay for their own health insurance.
Education is important, but we need to make Jeff Bezos pay to educate our kids.
whaaa whaaa whaaa.
A better course would be to nut up and pay for your own damn kids education and quit bitching about how unfair everything is.
You're welcome.
Middle-class homeowner and Seattle public school parent here, and you know what? We are fucking paying for it with our property taxes and our PTSA donations and our volunteer time to make up for the budgetary and staffing shortfalls we get from Olympia. You know who isn't paying jackshit? The rich people and corporations who've made a killing here in Washington state and don't want to invest in the very society that helped build their wealth and their shareholder value. Fuck that noise. Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates and Microsoft and Weyerhauser and Amazon can afford to pony up a teeny-tiny chunk of their income to finance Washington's public schools.
There are thousands of communities across the country that don't have a Gates or Bezos to soak, but they manage to pay for their children's education.
Washington citizens have neglected to fund education for decades.
You are pathetic.
@4 Would you support a state income tax?
It's way overdue.
You're going to have to show your work, Jim.
Also, those "thousands of communities" have corporate and income taxes to spread the burden. We don't, and we should.
Wait, what am I doing? I might as well get in a land war in Asia. It's a much less annoying blunder.
We should.
We feel your pain, Rakdaddy.
Raising kids is tough in this society.
We think whining about The Rich is unproductive but we should't have said you are pathetic, you are not and we apologize.
Although we prefer 'James'.
Let's fight taxes with more taxes. Hooray!
Let's tax the rich before they move to Nevada.
Capital Gains tax is an Income Tax. Every court has said so, even your Federal Income Tax forms says so too.
Capital Gains tax won't hurt the middle class when they take out of their retirement savings or sell their house.
Let's tax the rich at a percentage of income the rest of us are having to pay for a start. Right now they're a bunch of moochers enjoying services the rest of us are paying for.
Tell Boeing, and their tens of thousands of employees, that the tax breaks they got didn't more than make up for the revenue the State would have taken in, enriched the economy and that they are hurting "the kids".
@17, The rich pay most of the taxes already. Scare them away, then guess who pays.
@19 They don't pay shit (as a percentage of their income). Get read.
Let's have a Carbon Tax! That won't hurt the working class. It will hurt only the rich. While we're at it, lets tax All the roads and streets with a toll!
Of course the rich pay less of a percentage of their income than the poor, but they pay most of the taxes. No mooching, they just pay the bulk of the dollars. The corporations the rich work for make money on a global scale, not by sneaking into Washington State citizens pockets. Make them go away and who pays then. You depend more on them now than you realize.
Hi, I'm a member of the 5% or so, and I support creating a less regressive tax system. I'll be fine.
I don’t see an income tax ever passing without abolishing the B&O tax. The authors didn’t address that.
The problem isn't the legislature, its voters. Washington voters, even King County voters, shoot it down. Why can't the editorial writers and Stranger readers get out of their bubble and convince those voters to change their minds. Nope. Can't interact with people who don't think like them. They say they value diversity, but not diversity of point-of-view. Strange indeed.
@23 - Yes, your propaganda is lovely today. Who did you borrow it from?
The rightwing first destroys the middle class as reflected by greater inequality today than over the last 100 years, but now right wing jackass @2 wants the middle class to roll up its sleeves and get to work.

It's a farce, folks.
@6 Your answer doesn't pass the smell test. You entire discourse consists of bashing "people who whine about the rich", so you can't possibly be for everyone having to pay their fair share. You are certainly NOT for a progressive state income tax.
If you tax the rich, they won't leave: US data contradicts millionaires' threats

Now you know. Next time, we'll know you are lying.
@30, I stand corrected!
@23 a modern productive sustainable society needs much more taxes out the super rich than they are currently paying. None of what they have would even be remotely possible without a social contract, so their wanting to rip up this contract at this most inconvenient time is just not acceptable and it won't fly for the very simple reason that if they succeed our economies will collapse like they did every time before.
P.S. @30, I was assuming a general assumption on the rich leaving, not deliberately lying. Never the less, my animosity to an Income Tax remains.
@33 I can see how many would say that considering how it is regularly regurgitated by corporate media.

There is no rational justification against a progressive income tax that isn't self-serving. Most regressive taxes should be concurrently repealed including a good part of B&O tax on small business.
@32, Fine, but your asking for more and more taxes. The State, County and City have seen their revenues grow at a pace that is at record levels, then, they demand more. Plenty of waste. Think the Kingdome roof repair, a tax on hotels and restaurants that was to sunset when paid for. Nope, redirected for the "Arts". Nothing wrong with the Arts, but it was a slimey, backdoor and dishonest way of doing things. And the Tax is still there. There will be demands that an Income Tax will be fair and give relief to regressive taxes. One only has to look at the City Council's Income Tax proposal. Proposed to lighten the current taxes on the poor, it is now split 6 ways from Sunday, think new City hiring of green jobs, and what will be left of this 125-150 million a year to give relief to the over taxed? Nothing of note.
The problem is that these regressive taxes will never leave or be reduced enough in any meaningful way. In the future they have nowhere to go but up.
A new Income Tax will have nowhere to go but down, by lowering the threshold on who is taxable and In a few years it will hit the middle class and lower.

Taxes never expire. Taxes lowered rise again. New Taxes grow.
"There is no rational justification against a progressive income tax that isn't self-serving."

Yes there is, I want to keep as much of the money I earned as i can because it represents the most important thing I have, my time.
High taxes is really because of democrats- in Seattle anyway and years before Trump came to office. Just think a good majority of those people being displaced or put on the verge of homelessness will most likely be voting Republican next time. And we’ll be waiting with open arms regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
Summer Stinson and Sarah Reyneveld, if you truly feel you are not paying enough in taxes, then by all means write a check.