Washington State Has One Month Left to Stop Landlords from Refusing Section 8 Tenants


This makes Zero sense. If a Landlord wants to place a rental unit in the Section 8 program, it follows that the landlord will rent to Section 8 people with a voucher. That's how the program works.

No landlord is obligated to place their rental unit in the Section 8 program and hence if a potential renter approaches the landlord and wants to rent the unit, there is no obligation to rent to the Section 8 voucher recipient.

I'm getting the impression many law makers are not aware of these realities.
@2, In the jurisdictions where income source discrimination is not allowed, if a tenant comes to you with a Section 8 voucher, and are otherwise qualified, your next call is to the Section 8 program to tell them you want to participate and take the voucher. Been that way in a number of KC cities for some time (E.g. Bellevue).

The State bills both make provisions for money that landlords can tap for some damages and up to two weeks of lost rent. The issue isn't a proven probability that low-income tenants do more damage or skip out on more rent, it is that if they do at the same frequency as other tenants, they don't have assets that can be seized or garnishable sources of income.