Theater Died So Athletics Could Live at Washington State University


Man. Sounds like some Texas "university".
@2: Lol, how typical of the conservative mindset that you value revenue generation over education...even at a university! Greed, greed, greed, it’s all you ever think about.
@2 They wouldn't have had to forgive those loans if that "crap load of alumni money" was coming in to support the expenses of upgrading the athletics. Also, that "crap load of alumni money" likely won't be realized for a number of years, since it either requires people who were probably already donating to up those donations because the teams are now millions of dollars awesomer, or it requires on alumni that loved the sports program of the last 3-4 years to graduate, become enormously wealthy and successful, and choose to spend their money on their school. In fact, if you look at their donations, they've declined the last two years since they started spending wildly on athletics.

So it seems like there were as many or more donations before their spending spree, which says that athletics isn't really a primary driver of donations right now. In the short-term at least, this looks like irresponsible spending.
"Theatre died because nobody gave a shit."

And yet, the 'news' is always telling us which movie's in 1st place -- I wonder how many of those movie-type peeps began/improved their Careers in college theater ... oh, well, I guess they won't be doing that silly stuff anymore in Pullman, WA.

Way to Go, Wazzoo.
Between two entertainment forms, they picked the one more people engage with and enjoy. What's the argument for closing theater over sports? Theater is the golf of art, mostly exists for rich white people.
Actually, @7, @6 was "quoting" @5.