Betsy Devos's Department of Education Won't Investigate Trans Discrimination Complaints


This doesn't surprise anyone, does it? I mean, Trump & Co have done nothing but meet - or stoop below - all our lowest expectations, since during the primaries. This is totally in line with what expectations we all foresaw as a result of the 2016 election, right?
@2 I heard a lot of people thinking Trump doesn't care to mess with trans people, he's friends with Caitlyn Jenner, he's a New Yorker, also Hillary did Don't Ask Don't Tell, etc.

Let's not be suckers again next time, y'all.
And good for Dominic Holden, doing journalism.

Note: when the Stranger does journalism, it is more valuable, and stands out more from the sea of online content generators, than when it summarizes other people's work and invites comments where people signal their team affiliation.