The art of the broken heart...
Owner of a broken heart... Police Beat by Robinson Devor and Charles Mudede

Your heart has been smashed to pieces. The pain is too much. Getting out of bed seems impossible. Every moment is filled with thoughts of the one who suddenly dumped you. It hit you like a thunderbolt. They texted, asked to meet at such-and-such a place for happy hour, you showed up, and they broke the news before the drinks were even served. Only yesterday, you had these big plans for the future. Today, you are the only one standing in that future. When did they stop loving you? You look back at all of the days you spent together. There was the first smile, the first text, the first kiss, the first night, the first breakfast, the first trip, the first year. Everything seemed to be going pretty well until the moment they told you it was over.

Were you dumped for someone else? Are they with this someone else right now? Are they fucking this someone else as your heart bleeds and burns for them? You do everything you can to think about anything else: this book, that blog, those boots in a department store. But no matter how hard you try, your thoughts are pulled back to the hole left by the one who no longer loves you. The pain is here to stay. A broken heart takes seemingly forever to mend.

The one who dumped you chains you to the present. You want to talk to them, text them, say one last thing to them. Thoughts of them keep you up all night. What are you supposed to do in this horrible situation? The eternal present? Forget distraction. It’s not going to happen anytime soon. Give in, and just wallow in that eternal sadness and longing. For this, you need red wine and some very, very, very sad tunes. Sean Nelson offered "A Playlist for the Brokenhearted" here. But I don't think it's dark enough. My list is closer to the black hole of misery. It is reported that the ghostly image of a star sucked into and ripped apart by a black hole remains and flickers at its edge. This playlist is like that image.

Maximum Black” — Bohren and Der Club of Gore — Black Earth
Gloomy Sunday” — Billie Holiday — The Billie Holiday Story
Meltdown” — King Midas Sound — Waiting For You
This Bitter Earth” — Dinah Washington — Unforgettable
Lantern Marsh” — Brian Eno — Ambient 4/On Land
Phantom Chapel” — William Grant Still — Africa: Piano Music of William Grant Still
Ghost Cloud” — Harold Budd — Perhaps
Gutted” — Burial — Burial
Des pas sur la neige” — Claude Debussy — Preludes, Book 1
"N.Y.C.'s No Lark" — Bill Evans — Conversations With Myself
Abraxas” — DeepChord Presents: Echospace — The Coldest Season
This City Never Sleeps” — Eurythmics — Sweet Dreams
"Gary's Theme" — Bill Evans — You Must Believe Spring
Forgive” — Burial — Burial
“She’s Got You” — Patsy Cline — Sentimentally Yours
After the Rain” — John Coltrane — Impressions
komm zurück zu mir” — Bohren and Der Club of Gore — Piano Nights