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Transit is Seattle’s Valentine: Hear that? Seattle loves transit! The numbers are in and they’re the first that fully account for the new UW and Capitol Hill light rail stations. Seattle added 10,000 morning transit commuters last year. Capacity constraints are definitely a thing, especially if you’re trying to hop on that E line in Aurora at peak hours. But, 11 more RapidRide buses are coming this fall.

Gov. Inslee Tried to Bribe The Stranger With a Valentine: Read his poem and hear his thoughts on the carbon tax, marijuana convictions, Dino Rossi, immigration debacles, car tabs, campaign transparency and much more.

Scientists love Rattlesnake Ridge: The landslide everyone was worried about in January isn’t really a big deal now. The slide probably won’t be one huge event but will continue sloughing off gradually for several years. Scientists are stoked. They’ve installed seismic sensors along the ridge, cameras, radar, and probably more gadgets to monitor how a landslide works. Researchers from all over are laser-focused on Rattlesnake Ridge because it could help them better understand landslides as a whole.

Tickets for the 14th Annual HUMP! Film Festival On Sale Now!

First Amendment org jilted by Evergreen State College: Heartbreaking. According to a national nonprofit, Foundation for Independent Rights in Education or FIRE, Evergreen State College is one of the 10 worst colleges for freedom of speech. Last year, there were protests because a professor opposed a diversity event. Students staged protests and even took over the library, holding the school president captive there for several hours.

For sure, dude: Trump’s lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, is really proving his chops as a legal counsel. He’s claiming that he paid Stormy Daniels, the pornstar who had an affair with Trump and was paid $130,000, out of his own pocket. Cohen says he wasn’t reimbursed for the payment. Was this a part of the bar exam?

Bremerton shipyard workers say they have cyanide poisoning: Shipyard workers are blaming illnesses and ailments, mostly respiratory issues, on cyanide. KING5 reported in November about a wastewater treatment plant that was built without planned safety measures. It was built near the shipyard and leaked toxins. After watching the report, more shipyard workers recognized the symptoms of cyanide poisoning in themselves.

Chief counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement caught stealing: immigrants’ identities: Yeah. This ICE big shot used the personal information of seven immigrants under investigation by ICE to defraud a bank. Identity theft? What will ICE do next.

Kansas’ gubernatorial race has gone to the dogs: After a slew of teen boys entered the race for governor in Kansas — you know, the leaders we really need — after noticing there was no age limit to run, a dog has thrown its hat in the ring. Angus, a 3-year-old wire-haired Vizsla is a dog with a vision. Technically, there are no laws saying animals can’t run for governor in Kansas. You’ll recognize this as the same loophole that allowed Air Bud to play basketball on Fernfield High School's team. However, Kansas’ Secretary of State has already thrown out Angus’ election bid, something he won't be able to fetch.

Florida Democrat flips Seat, wins special election: Margaret Good, Democrat, won the special election for state representative in a district where Republican voters outnumbered Democrat voters by 3,000. This is the 36th flip since Trump’s inauguration. Democracy is America’s “the one that got away” and we’re trying to win back its heart this Valentine’s Day.

Look at this guy:

Shaun White wins gold: It was a nail biter.

Remember the Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Shaun White? Now you do.

The New York Times loves hiring shitty opinion writers: Yesterday, the paper hired friend of neo-Nazis, Quinn Norton as a technology editor in the opinion section. But, the backlash that followed the announcement caused a reevaluation. Norton was quickly un-hired. The internet dug up a number of bad tweets Norton had made. People also scrutinized her reputation for befriending a neo-Nazi. Which seems like a red flag (with a swastika in the middle). She refers to some as her friends. His name is Andrew Auernheimer, a writer for the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer. Should she be ostracized for who she’s friends with? Irrelevant. Don’t befriend fucking Nazis.

A mid-Slog AM Happy Valentine’s Day reminder: From Kenny G.

Any last words? Lizette Andrea Cuesta from Tracy, California was dying from multiple stab wounds. She dragged herself to the side of a rural street for help. She stayed alive just long enough for her to tell authorities who her attackers were. It was the last thing she did before she died. She was only 19.

BBC scraps single-use plastic after Blue Planet II: The company was shocked by what Blue Planet II, the incredible documentary series BBC produced this year, uncovered about plastic pollution. Now, BBC wants to ban single-use plastic by 2020. Those are things like straws, cutlery, and take-out containers that are only used one time before they're thrown away. More than 8 million tons of plastic enters the world’s oceans each year.

Missing skier on NY mountain found in California: The man went missing on Whiteface Mountain last Wednesday. The friends he was with couldn’t find him, his belongings were still in the lodge, and his car was still parked outside. Volunteers and crews searched the mountain for a total of 7,000 hours. Yesterday, he turned up 2,900 miles away in Sacramento, California. Nearly a week later, he had no memory of how he got there and was wearing the same ski clothes he went missing in. Share your theory of how the skier got to California in the comments.

Things I love: This Melania Trump tweet from 2015

Things you love (mixed in with some breakfasts):

Joe loves Weird Al

Joe L

Cody, my 12-year-old brother, sent me two pictures of his breakfast from different angles. If you can't tell what it is it's hot chocolate and Reese's Puffs mixed with Rice Krispies.

Brain food
Brain food Cody G

Lisa keeps it simple.

Lisa G

Derek loves his wife and proves Romance is alive in 2018.


Zach's breakfast is hands-free.

Safety first.
Safety first. Zach S

Dom loves the Seattle Cinerama. And who doesn't?

Bathroom beer pic is a must.
Bathroom beer pic is a must. Dom M

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