Sean Hannity took one look at Barack Obama's official presidential portrait — unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery earlier this week — and saw what he wanted to see:

Sean Hannity isn’t a fan of Barack Obama, and he’s not fond of the former president’s new portrait either. Hannity on Tuesday tweeted a remark claiming the portrait had “secret sperm” hidden within the image.... It was perhaps inevitable that controversy would surround the unveiling of former President Obama’s official portrait in February 2018, given that it was painted by Kehinde Wiley, a gay African-American artist who is also a self-professed provocateur.

In fairness to Hannity he didn't actually look at the portrait. Hannity — or one his staffers — apparently learned about the "secret sperm" hidden in Kehinde Wiley's painting while scouring the racist message boards on 4Chan:

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday removed an article from his radio show’s website that claimed the official portrait of former President Barack Obama contained secret images of sperm.... Hannity’s post also included a close-up crop of the portrait, presumably showing the suspected sperm. Dan Lavoie, a staffer for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, flagged that the baseless conspiracy had earlier appeared on the message board website 4Chan — by now a well-known hub for alt-right and white nationalist chatter.

Nothing to see here, folks — just the kids at Fox News mainstreaming racist conspiracy theories.

For the record: Snopes says there are no secret sperms in Obama's portrait — but there is a vein on Obama's forehead that might be interpreted as a sperm cell by the type of white man who can't look at a powerful, attractive, accomplished black man without secretly thinking about hot, runny, delicious sperm. I have a file full of emails from guys like that — I wonder how many are from Sean Hannity?