The Possibilities of a Neo-Lamarckian Urbanism


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I wish philosophers would stop speculating about genetics and then extrapolating their ideas to unrelated concepts. That's how we got things like Eugenics, and Social Darwinism, and Evolutionary psychology. It causes real harm.
Good Evening Charles,
Your post mentioned Darwin. After I read it, I read this extraordinary piece by Steve Pinker of Harvard:…

Darwin was referenced. I agree with Pinker. Essentially, science needs to be 'sexy'.
Thanks, Charles, for this beautiful extrapolation. In the 80s Philip Wohlstetter turned me on to the magisterial *La Poétique de la ville* by Pierre Sansot, which in many ways linked the Surrealists' Parisian ambulations in search of le merveilleux back to Victor Hugo's incipient urban consciousness (à la *Notre Dame...* & *Les Misérables*) via Benjamin's Arcades Project & the pre-Roman altar stones, unearthed BELOW the foundations of the cathedral of N-D in the 18th c. & notably carved with pagan gods & inscribed as dedicated to the NAUTAE PARISIAE, still visitable in the basement of the Musée de Cluny. For Philip and the rest of us in the movement that would come to be known as Invisible Seattle, these predecessor-spelunkers in the caverns of the urban unconscious brought forth a possibility for transformation of shared space as implacable as it is impalpable. I feel intuitively that somewhere in Lamarck's writings there must be a deep-structure key or code that will reveal--with a huge evolutionary wink to the future--that he designed his science to be interpreted figuratively, not literally: explicated by succeeding generations of researchers through travel, inductive exegesis and midrash, NOT deductively presumed as a template for social engineering. 'Pataphysics also comes to mind; the mind warbles; 'pataphysics moves on, an urbane legend.

@1 . . . indeed! Beautiful. Conditions matter--and matter and matter.