1-2-3, repeater!
1-2-3, repeater! Dischord Records

On April 13, the new Beacon Hill venue Clock-Out Lounge will hold a night devoted to local bands covering songs from the catalog of the revered Washington DC punk/post-punk label Dischord. The club is seeking groups to perform three-four songs per artist and so far has confirmed Fugazi, Slant 6, and Shudder to Think. If you think you can whip up some tight covers of Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, the Make-Up, or Lungfish bangers, e-mail Jodi Ecklund at booking@clockoutlounge.com.

Also, Clock-Out has announced its first show. It will take place Saturday, March 17, and feature raunchy gender-blender CHRISTEENE, sinister-camp electro enigmas Ononos, and the Loungettes.