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It's the 19th school shooting this year, the school is still on lockdown, and the suspect is still at large. Early reports say one person is dead and twenty are injured. But not to worry: Donald Trump has already sent his thoughts and prayers — so we can safely assume the White House has already determined that the shooter is white and a U.S. citizen.

UPDATE: The alleged shooter is in custody — white, so naturally taken alive — and authorities are now saying there are multiple fatalities. The First Lady has added her "thoughts and prayers" to Donald Trump's thoughts and prayers and the combined force of all that thinking and all that praying has resulted in zero resurrections and no new gun control legislation. “No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school," Donald Trump, who could never resist twisting the knife, said in a statement.

This was, again, the 19th school shooting this year. Tune in tomorrow for the 20th.