Trumps proposed budget slashes federal housing assistance programs.
Trump's proposed budget slashes federal housing assistance programs. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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On Monday, the Trump administration proposed a new budget—one that slashes whatever is left of the social safety net, sucking money from Medicare, Medicaid, federal housing programs, and food stamps, which Trump wants to replace with food boxes filled with canned meat and government cheese. (Hey, gotta pay for those tax cuts for the wealthy somehow!)

Soon after the budget was announced, WNYC radio show On the Media released an episode about poverty in America, and it should be required listening for everyone—or at least everyone in Washington with the ability to vote on Trump's proposed budget. The show tells the stories of people who truly have been left behind here, in the self-proclaimed "greatest nation on Earth," and despite the tendency for those who aren't poor to blame poverty on some kind of moral failing or poor work ethic, it illustrates how easy it is to sink into abject, deadly poverty for no other reason than simple bad luck. It's heartbreaking, and enraging. Listen below, and then send it to your Republican friends. If they refuse to listen, just tell them it's a remix of Jesus sermons.