The alderman in Starkville ("Mississippi's College Town!") will be hearing from the lawyers at ACLU in three, two, one...

The Starkville Board of Aldermen voted to deny the request to hold an LGBT pride parade after hearing 16 people speak in favor of the event during its meeting Tuesday night. The board approved the motion to deny the request with a 4-3 vote... The motion to deny the request was made by Alderman Roy A. Perkins. The grassroots group Starkville Pride applied for a special event request to host the 2018 Pride Parade and have city participation with in-kind services. The item was previously on the consent agenda, but was pulled off by Perkins at the beginning of the meeting... The 16 people who spoke in favor of having the pride parade were made up of Mississippi State University students, Starkville business owners, MSU officials and other citizens. The two people who spoke against having the parade were resident Dorothy Isaac and pastor of Josey Creek Missionary Baptist Church Thomas Rogers.

Dorothy Isaac warned the alderman against turning Starkville into “a sin city" but the four aldermen who voted to deny the permit refused to comment as to why they cast no votes. All four appear to lack the courage of their bigoted convictions:

There was no discussion or comments from the board members who voted in favor of denying the parade request. Carver declined to comment on why he voted for the denial of the parade. The other three aldermen that voted against the proposed parade did not respond to requests for comment. [Mayor Lynn Spruill] said she was “extremely disappointed” with the vote of the board.... When asked about potential litigation, Spruill said she is worried about what the future holds. "There's always a concern when someone wants to sue the city," Spruill said.

You're for sure going to get sued, Mayor Spruill.

Don't yell at Mayor Spruill — she was in favor of the parade — but feel free to give Roy A. Perkins, the last man in America with a hotmail account, a piece of your mind: