Jason Rittereiser and Dr. Kim Schrier are the frontrunners in the race for Rep. Reicherts seat.
Jason Rittereiser and Dr. Kim Schrier are the Democratic frontrunners in the race for Rep. Reichert's seat. Courtesy of the Rittereiser and Schrier Campaigns



A pro-science advocacy group/independent expenditure called 314 Action (it's a pi joke) dropped $350,000 for an ad buy in support of a Democrat or in opposition to a Republican running to replace Congressman Dave Reichert in Washington's 8th District.

The group is sort of like Emily's List, but for scientists. They endorse candidates, make contributions to candidates, and create/run ads on their behalf in an effort to "elect more leaders to the U.S. Senate, House, State Executive and Legislative offices."

Executive director Josh Morrow told me over the phone that the org boasts 400,000 members nationwide, and says they've already sunk $1 million dollars into a race in Los Angeles and $500,000 into a race in Detroit.

Morrow says he thinks there's "a real opportunity for Democrats to pick up this seat" in Washington's 8th, which is why 314 wants to start securing TV spots now.

"We like Dr. Kim Schrier," Morrow says, before quickly mentioning that the organization has yet to officially endorse any of the candidates. "She’s running a smart campaign. She’s running a professional campaign. She’s doing everything a winning campaign would do."

What does that mean, Mr. Morrow?

“She’s raising money, and she’s saving as much as she can to spend toward the end.”

Ohhh, okay, great! Go science!

Morrow also praised Shannon Hader, a "trained" pediatrician who ran the Centers for Disease Control's HIV/TB unit, though Morrow says "she got in late."


Thursday morning Jason Rittereiser, the King County prosecutor whose dad was a cop, announced that he received an endorsement from the Eastside Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 2878. The union represents "170 members working under five separate collective bargaining agreements."

Rittereiser also has endorsements from the Operating Engineers Local 612 (which represents 2,120 members as of 2015), the Renton Police Officers Guild, and the Maple Valley Fire Fighters (which represents 45 members).

Dr. Kim Schrier boasts endorsements from the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAM District Lodge 751), which represents "45,000 aerospace defense contractors, trade workers, and employees." Emily's List also endorsed Schrier, giving her a large boost early on in the race.


Tom Cramer, the on on the far right, is not confirmed to attend the debate. :)
Tom Cramer, the guy on the far right, is not scheduled to attend the debate. RS

On Wednesday, February 28th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the Cascade Hall at Green River College Auburn campus, the 47th District Democrats will be hosting a debate and meet-and-greet with some of the Democratic candidates in the race. Shannon Hader, Robert Hunziker, Jason Rittereiser, and Dr. Kim Schrier will all be there.

The Democratic field needs to narrow, and this debate will help voters distinguish the Dems from one another on matters of policy, and it will also help voters figure out who's got the chutzpa to stand up to the Republican candidate, Dino Rossi.


Voters in the 8th are taping to Rossis office door Facebook comments that his social media team hid.
Voters in the 8th are taping to Rossi's office door Facebook comments that his social media team hid. Facebook

Turns out sweet Dino hasn't just been hiding my comments on his campaign's Facebook page.

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, residents in the 8th called on Rossi to state his position on gun control and to explain his ties with the NRA. (Spoiler alert: the two are very close. The gun lobbying organization supported Rossi to the tune of $414,100 during his 2010 Senate campaign against Sen. Patty Murray, and they gave him an A rating.) Instead, his social media team posted the candidate's support for the United States winter olympics team.

When Facebook commenters asked why he's been silent on the issue, Rossi's social media team hid their comments. As you can see in the photo above, voters in the 8th have been taping up their comments on Rossi's Issaquah office door, just in case he didn't read them before he hid them.

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Will somebody find the octopus who stole Rossi's voice and return it to him, please?

More Shade

Today the DCCC launched website called dodgin-dino.com. They dub Dino "the shadiest congressional candidate in the country," and list few things he's been silent on, including on the issues of health care and guns.