Former Staffer Accuses King County Democrats Chair of "Harassment and Abuse"


Bailey believes strongly in promoting women with nice faces, thin ankles and indulgent humor to positions of leadership.
Farewell, Bailey Stober.

Farewell, David Ginsberg?
This sounds like a totally normal state of affairs in my line of work (advertising), where people swear like pirates, and tempers run high.

There are asswipes in positions of power everywhere, but employees and colleagues are expected to state their grievances, and stand their ground. Women often call their colleagues to the carpet for being sick, twisted, doofuses. Calling someone out in front of others (a company party makes an excellent stage), usually results in understanding on all sides, rather than termination or disciplinary action. Your mileage may vary, of course.

I guess it's different if it's a job in government or public service. But then, the Democratic party organization isn't really part of the government, is it? Sorry these people didn't fit into their corporate culture, but it seems like they're trying to police someone's personality, rather than addressing it directly. Where I live, you can't be fired for telling your boss he's an asshole.
Still, it's good that the public to knows what goes on inside the Party organisation. Thanks Ms Groover for the reporting. I'm wondering, though, whether she’s buried the lede (see ❡30):

“Koss Vallejo and the open letter both criticize Stober’s alleged handling of party finances. The letter cites ‘a lack of fiscal responsibility.’ Koss Vallejo said Stober took unnecessary trips to Eastern Washington and overspent on supplies and travel.”

But, as it seems Vallejo was fired for her own irresponsible personal behavior (dumping coffee on someone's car), this sounds more like a feud than anything else.
Nothing here besides a power grab.
huh. where was all this metoo stuff when scumbag murray was attacking the character of his accusers while the city council, the stranger, etc cheered him on?
Huh? You mean The Stranger that kept reporting you n the accusers gave an editorial platform to Murray’s accusers lawyer and called on Murray to resign? And the city council member Lorena Gonzalez that called for Murray to resign?

Sorry. But the narrative you’re trying to push was slightly more complex in reality than your alt-right historical revisionism.

Not only can’t you get your facts straight you think MeToo is a bullshit witch hunt persecuting poor misunderstood men who only want to slap some bitchez down anyway. So who you trying to fool.

Go back to your Reddit MRA cesspool you trolling shitbag.

It appears to me that what we know for sure about this situation- what we have proof of- is that Koss Vallejo is perfectly capable of ugly, vicious anti-social behavior. It occurs to me that would somewhat diminish her credibility.
@7. The stranger did zero heavy lifting in unraveling the Murray scandal. They actually kneejerked in protection of Murray. Affording him an unchallenged platform on which he tried to subvert the truth and slander his victims. Only after other journalists unpacked his serial child molesting baggage did the stranger give up and begin exploring the story beyond what their stock narrative would allow. You’re a schill and a chimo apologist.

Rewrite THAT on your nambla reddit.
@6, @9: You might want to leave the historical fabrications to persons who have actual imaginations. (Especially when the events literally happened last year.) Sheer hateful spite alone doesn’t cut it.

Of the many interesting aspects of this now-deadly farce was exactly how a low-rent criminal like Heckard became the client of a posh law firm — one which just so happens to be run by an anti-gay bigot whom Murray had personally defeated. Like all other outlets in this media circus, the Stranger just published the self-serving whitewash from Beauregard, about what a sterling fighter for social justice he is. Deeper digging on this unusual relationship might have ultimately saved Heckard’s life.
@10. What imagination do you need to read this and process it as a factual thing that the stranger allowed?…

What is not fabrication is that you are a chimo apologist and associated with the most despicable type of human alive. Children were placed in an adult mans care and he raped them. And now you defend that rapist.

There are no acceptable extenuating circumstances here. It’s child rape he was accused of. Not shoplifting to feed his family. Anything other than total denouncement (keep the disclaimers like your kiddie porn, to yourself) of this person or anyone like them is foul.
when will we read about sherman alexie on slog?
What imagination do you need...

More than you’ve got, apparently:

Affording him an unchallenged platform...

See, when actual adults use words, those words mean things, and Murray’s editorial was directly challenged by another editorial shortly thereafter:…

So, since your very first claim has now been proven false by the very source you cited, I can and will do you the unearned favor of not bothering to examine the remaining trash with which you unwisely decided to fill your unwise comments. You’re welcome.

Better luck next time!
@13. That’s not “rebuttal”, slick. It’s an op ed on why Murray should resign from an unrelated party.

A “rebuttal” would have been Heckard, his lawyers, or any of his other victims having the chance to directly reply to his claims that they were LYING ABOUT BEING RAPED BY THE PERSON THAT RAPED THEM.

You think that standard is cool? Apply it to any sexual assault victim in the metoo movement.

Her victimizer is afforded free press to slander her and instead of being able to reply...someone else says,” Regardless of whether it actually happened or not, he should step down because it looks bad.”

GFY with that rebuttal, loser.
Uh, the word "rebuttal" appears exactly nowhere in the comment you are addressing, and which you claim, twice, to be quoting.

Thanks for playing, now go home.
Thanks for playing, now go home.

Muffy always gets severely challenged by reality, and hilarity predictablly ensues.

I told her to stop making things up, and she immediately responded with two more rounds of simply making things up. (I promise she’s not a sock puppet I created to make Murray’s accusers look even more stupidly foolish.)

Having worked in staid professional private sector offices my entire life, I am always shocked at the juvenile behavior tolerated in other workplaces. What is it about taxpayer funding that makes otherwise intelligent people behave SO STUPIDLY.
@2 - Have you ever heard David Ginsberg laugh?
@18: I don’t think it’s “taxpayer funding,” since a political party subsists on private donations. Rather, the sole purpose of a political party is to obtain and retain political power. Since some of the people who want power the most should have it the least, such sleazy results may well be unavoidable.

(I once worked at a “staid” private employer, too — we worked in Seattle and on jetliners, hint hint — and some of our top leaders back then went to jail.)
@tensor and spunkbutter.

Challenge, rebuttal, wtf ever. In this context what’s the difference? Except you two are claiming some monopoly on “reality” that is laughable.

Here are the facts.
1. Murray raped teenage boys who were in his custody.

2. Years later when these rapes come to light Murray writes an op ed piece in the stranger calling his accusers (the former children he put his penis inside while entrusted to his care) liars.

3. An unrelated third party wrote a “challenge” op ed piece saying, essentially,”Murray maybe did it, maybe didn’t. But he should step down because it looks bad.” Which addresses the accusations, the victims, and the crimes in no meaningful way whatsoever.

4. Heckard and the rest of Murray’s victims were not afforded an opportunity to respond.

5. You two pillars of the child molesting community have hitched your wagon to the defense of a piece of human garbage and are now patting yourselves on the back for outwitting me in the process.

6. Reality and facts are not yours to interpret.
Challenge, rebuttal, wtf ever.

They’re actually two different words. Claiming you don’t know the meanings of the words you use does not actually change their meanings; it just makes you appear extremely foolish and ignorant.

Except you two are claiming some monopoly on “reality” that is laughable.

Which hurt more: we caught you fabricating, or that we caught you immediately and so easily?

Here are the facts.

Oh boy, more fun!

Murray raped teenage boys who were in his custody.

Murray was only ever given custody of one person, so your use of the plural immediately shows you are wrong. (Reality, how does it work?)

Years later when these rapes come to light...

Your proof of these “rapes” is what, exactly? That felons who have everything to gain and nothing to lose by lying to you told you so? If you want to swallow uncritically the emissions of male convicts, go right ahead. Just don’t pretend you actually acquired anything beneficial from so doing.

An unrelated third party wrote a “challenge” op ed piece saying,

That’s pretty much the closest you’ll ever get to admitting you were Dead. Flat. Wrong. in your original accusation against the Stranger, isn’t it? Well, here’s some news for you: bitterly refusing to admit you were wrong makes you more obviously wrong, not less.

Heckard and the rest of Murray’s victims were not afforded an opportunity to respond.

Heckard withdrew the lawsuit he had filed, indicating he was either unable to prove his claims, uninterested in addressing Murray’s response, or both.

You two pillars of the child molesting community...

Oh, look: someone who just got caught making a false accusation against the Stranger has now made an accusation against me! Oh, I’m shattered! Please, please stop!! ;-)

Putting it another way, the best possible proof that I am not a child molester is that you accuse me of being one.

Reality and facts are not yours to interpret.

And, like the common meanings of the words you freely chose to use, they are obviously not yours to fabricate, either.

Better luck next time!
possibly the most useless organization ever, having problems because useless people get a title and suddenly think they're a badass when in fact they are the prince of nothing.

seriously, the most useless people in the world are party activists (ANY PARTY). they just sit around and whine and play with themselves, and screw up. this would be funny except that in the process they screw with other people, and the result? a lotta nothing for a lot of useless people
@21: Just one more challenge to your own private reality:

"Heckard and the rest of Murray’s victims were not afforded an opportunity to respond."

The very same day the Stranger published Murray's editorial, it published this response from Jeff Simpson.

So, your accusation against the Stranger has gone from your false claim it gave Murray "an unchallenged platform," to your false claim that you'd actually meant "rebuttal," to your false claim his accusers were "not afforded and opportunity to respond." Each one of your accusations against the Stranger has been proven false, by the very source you cited. Yet you just keep pounding away with your false accusations, as if any reader cannot simply look at what you've already written here, and see how easily your false claims have all been rebutted.

While it is not generally possible to prove a negative, the strongest possible proof that I am not a child molester is that you have accused me of being one. Thank you.