Black Panther Marks the Death of Afrocentricism


Your work continues to sound like a failed Identity Studies prof who couldn't find work anywhere but a free local rag. O WAIT
i dug this.
Cool. I never knew any of that.
@1 And you sound like another sad, attention, seeking sock-puppet that has no identity but what you derive from compulsively latching onto other people like Charles as the tiny parasitical tick you are.
Your work is the best on slog for sure, likely the best in Seattle and deserves a much larger platform. @1 is just a dummy.

And you know it's nice to read this as I've been working on reading Heidegger's essay "The Word of Nietzsche," in which he deals with Nietzsche's metaphysics of values and the revaluation of values.

Really it's nice to know I can go on Slog and read someone who can bring up Hegel appropriately. How many writers today can do that?
Work in Sun Ra & The Comet Is Coming
Good. Your Turn, Africa.

Maybe you can (help) fix this Mess.

Sure couldn't do much worse....

"History is not what happened, but what remains when everything else is forgotten." --Rich Cohen
Global black culture is enmeshed with globalized Western culture. Virtually the entire globe is part of a cultural network including "Western," "Eastern" and everything in between. I like Afrofuturism, but it's a product of interfacing between African and American culture and global "western" capitalism and the commodities system.
Great article wish it was longer. Is this a typo or is my brain broken? "Instead, it remixes black African and black African styles and cultures with 21st-century globally coded and manufactured technologies to create a completely new image of black technoculture."
Afrocentrism was never a serious movement in academic circles, and honestly its claims are laughable, completely without merit, and have always been seen as such.

It never really "lived" enough to die, really. Unless you count weird memes about magical melanin and how Africans founded every nation and invented everything until filthy, dumb whites with no technology came and somehow stole it all away.
#10: And yet you offer no actual refutation for any of those claims, or any argument vindicating Eurocentrism-the now-totally discredited notion that white people did everything in world history that ever mattered and among those white people only a few rich or horseback-posing ones did anything REALLY important.
#11: I think both positions are dumber than shit.
It's always funny when Africans pretend they were Egyptians when the Egyptians were cleaely white-- we have the mummy's and the art, etc., to prove it. Black Africa starts south of the Sahara, which is why sub-suharan Africa is synonymous with Black Africa. This is simply scientific and historical fact.

It's a little sad(and not a little pathetic) that Africans try to appropriate a culture--- whose decendants *still exist*, they are called the Coptic Egyptians or Copts-- it reveals a pathological inferiority complex.

But, it is admirable that Afrofuturism is about reaching for the stars. Fittingly, and sadly, however, both Afrocentrism and Afrofuturism are fantasy genres born from a deep seated sense of resentment and inferiority.