For one, nepotism.
For one, nepotism. Carl Court / Getty

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Here are some things that are more inappropriate than asking Ivanka Trump about the abuse allegations against her father, who is the president and also her employer:

• Claiming to care about women's issues but somehow not knowing how Planned Parenthood works.
• Ruining center parts for the rest of us.
Acting chill about Nazis.

• Talking just like Regina George, and thinking it will make people like you more, somehow.
• Wearing an extremely long tie. (Inappropriate tailoring.)
• Selling women unattractive clothes that aren't at least cheap.
Disrupting an entire region's aviation industry because you feel like going golfing.
• Becoming president without winning the popular vote.
• Sexually assaulting and harassing so many women that it becomes very hard to keep track of your indiscretions so someone actually makes a Wikipedia page dedicated to them.
Enabling and excusing someone who has incurred so many allegations of sexual assault and harassment that it's become hard to keep track of their indiscretions.
Bragging to Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women.
• Not understanding that what you just bragged about constitutes sexual assault, and implying in the process that you have ever been in locker rooms, when the only sport you are ever seen playing is golf.
• Not having security clearance to do your job.
• Suggesting that arming teachers is the best way to end mass shootings.
• Fixating weirdly on Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is now a private citizen and can do whatever she wants.