Things That Are More Inappropriate Than Asking Ivanka Trump About the Allegations Against Her Father


If she wasn't his daughter, i'd date her myself.
Yeah... I mean Chelsea had to answer all those questions about Bill putting cigars into an intern’s vagina in the Oval Office and cum stains on blue dresses right...?
Ahhhh, 3. Not defending Bill. Not by a long shot. But Chelsea NEVER had a role in her father's administration. Never. So, not even remotely comparable. Sorry, dear.
Remember when sending classified emails through a private server was the worst national security risk imaginable? And now this fucking nitwit gets to play government official - with no qualifications, let alone security clearance - then claims her status as daddy’s girl when she can’t take the heat. What a fucking joke.

If nothing else it’s fun watching conservatives piss away their credibility trying to defend this garbage family.
i dont understand why the follow-up questions to BS replies like Ivankas aren't better...for instance.....'Ivanka, you're an official rep of the administration who has proclaimed herself a champion of women's issues, so why isn't it appropriate to ask you a question about the President's statements and behaviors?' or 'do you demand special treatment in your role, or are you accountable to the same standards as the rest of the White House staff?' or how about 'is it inappropriate to ask Jerry Sandusky's family about his crimes?'

at least she does interviews with outlets other than fox, contrast to the DJTJ and ET.
Not to pick nits, but golf clubs have locker rooms. Often with crips linens, schmancy shaving accessories and lotions that the poors will never be able to sample but they are right there for free.
@4, YEAH.
@5 She supposedly was put on the administration to be the spokesperson for women's' and children's' issues. How's she done so far? I haven't seen anything to speak of. Daddy ("I love when she calls me 'daddy'") did have a sentence in his SOU about "parenting leave" or some such, but not so's you'd notice.
She curled her hair for the Olympics appearance though, so she looked really 'pretty'.
Her big idea on parental leave gives people six months or something, but it's taken out of their Social Security account.

If it weren't for her family's supposed wealth, this nitwit would living in a trailer in some midwestern hellhole, and her dad would be the guy at the end of the bar bitching about how Sears screwed him over when they fired him in 1978.
That bimbo skank better keep her STD-riddled carcass away from PMILF JTru, or it'll be teeth and claws at dawn.
@9: It would be in a double wide mobile home however.
The worst thing about Trump is his unremarkable children.

Naw, single-wide with "traditional American walnut" veneer paneling from floor-to-ceiling, Kermit green shag carpet, and every flat surface of the bathroom covered in macrame'd doilies.