”Without my knowledge or permission, Ms. Dremousis delivered food to my house...”

Say no more, Sherman. Your accuser is clearly a member of the notorious Meals On Wheels cartel.

"it's made to sound as if he's admitting to harassment and abuse, while also claiming some kind of amnesia"
It's made to avoid calling women (except for the one who is organizing this) liars. My take is that he flirted a lot, sometimes pursued women, and had affairs with women if they were willing. Considering he is married this is wrong. But it doesn't make the women who said yes or who said no victims.
I knew there was something shady about the women organizing due to claiming to have been a great friend of his then doing everything possible to try and get as much bad PR for him as possibility. She kept claiming he "preyed most" of Native women and was more abusive to them when they rejected his advances. But not on concrete example was given. She (and later the mob) kept reiterating they were doing this for the "Native women" since "he harmed them most". I intuitively felt she was throwing out this false narrative to avoid the backlash of a white women trying to destroy the career of a Native man from a disadvantaged background. She tried to frame this as in service to "the Native women that he'd harmed". Now it's clear she did this out of vindictiveness when their affair ended. How seedy to invoke the suffering of Native women for her own malice. The irony is Alexie's wife is Native. If she were so damn concerned of the well being of Native women she probably should have avoided the affair with one's husband.
@3 “My take is that...” “I knew there was something shady...” “I intuitively knew she was throwing out this false narrative...”

Welp everyone, lrasp has some unfounded guesses that have to take precedence here. Sherman is the real victim! Fuck whatever the accusers say!

@2 hahaha

It does kind of sound like a modern day Fatal Attraction though.
@4 She was throwing out false narratives. She claimed she was being altruistic and was trying to help Native Women he'd sexually exploited. Turns out she was a vindictive jilted lover.
It sounds like both? Like she's a stalker, but he's admitting to the accusations from other women EXCEPT for career threats? Sherman, you're a great writer. Please release a clear fucking press release.
I believe in the opportunity for restorative justice, especially in cases where harm may be responded to and behavior may change. To that end, I will continue to listen to what women have to say about their experiences with Mr. Alexie, and what they need to heal. I will also continue to listen to what Sherman Alexie has to say, as he has earned my respect. I can not easily forget the courage he has displayed in speaking up about his own sexual abuse and that of others in his community, including his mother. I have faith in the ability of people to heal and change.
I'd assume he's got the email saved. And while it obviously doesn't paint anyone in a positive light, it doesn't sound like there's anything incriminating there. Assuming he captured a screenshot of the facebook post, I wonder if he'll make it public. And if he didn't get a screenshot and it's since been deleted, would it be cached on a facebook server for use if necessary? (in a defamation case, say.)
Jesus Sherman. When you're gonna apologize, apologize. When you're gonna slag somebody, slag. Don't cross the streams.

Take a deep breath, start from the top again, and what exactly is it you're apologizing for?
Still a lot of vaguebooking but not looking great. "I have no recollection of..." usually turns out to mean "I'm not sure what evidence of the events might turn up later so I'm hedging."
Is anyone else bothered by the guilty-if-accused climate we have now? Will we all have to make public our personal past? Do our stranger jury powers require us hand out scarlet letters when the exact ideal is not met? Have we replaced one repression with another? Something, something casting stones.
@13 the people who choose to live in the public eye and profit from it should expect that egregious behavior will be covered in the press.

and is it just me....but after anyone says the line 'i have no recollection', i always hear 'because I was so trashed or stoned' .....

now i have always loved his books, but he does have a bit of sanctimony attached to many of this articles and when i re-read lines like these from the Stranger, and then hear the stories, they do sound quite believable:

"....How do I react to these sexual advances? My first thought is "Men are boundaryless animals." My second thought is "Women have to deal with this shit all the time." My third thought is "How flattering." My fourth thought is "I wish this dude hitting on me was cuter....Truly, when it comes down to it, don't we all want to be universally desired?""
I read that in comments of the initial SLJ article that he made creepy come-ons to ladies and was horn-dogging in professional settings. It seems that he is owning that--inappropriately trying to get laid. But even if he didn't explicitly threaten someone for turning down his advances, women who saw him as a mentor might have perceived a threat because of the power imbalance. So he might have done those things implicitly and inadvertently even if it wasn't his intent so...he's sorry?? Maybe? That is how I'm interpreting it.
Very specific denial :(

usually that means you done did something you shouldn't have
You know why Mudede doesn't write articles about sexual harassment/assault? Mudede has been a bad bad boy...
#16 So denying that he did something is an admission of guilt? How the fuck does that work?
@19: The kids are calling it a "Kafka Trap."

Basically you accuse someone of being something they are not, or doing something they did not do, and then use their denials of this thing as "proof" they indeed are guilty.

Like in spy comedies how someone denies being a double agent and the response is "that is exactly what a double agent would say!" Except people actually use it without irony or realizing how bad the logic is.
@19, when someone admits to nearly everything they were accused of doing and says they don’t remember doing the things that would make their behavior grounds for a civil suit (or several of them), it doesn’t look good. But true, it’s possible he can’t recall the worst accusations because they never happened. Multiple reporters are following up on it so we’ll see where this goes.
#21 Hopefully they are following up with his side of the story. Then again, why would that matter these days.
@22, We are literally, right this very moment, discussing his side of the story.
Stating “I have no recollection” is just word play, that the person is pleading the fifth amendment, or blaming something else, like demon rum for their actions. If he felt he didn’t do something, he would strongly denied the allegations. It doesn’t sound good.
"Award-winning writers pens a poorly written apology"
It's time for a local theater to mount a revival of Miller's "The Crucible". There's a lesson to be learned from it even though it was meant as an indictment of McCarthyism.

The #MeToo movement is becoming a little too reminiscent of McCarthyism when anyone who flirted with communism 10 or more years in the past then abandoned it was forced to pay a terrible price for it later in life. Careers, families and lives were destroyed.

While some of the cases are horrific, in the end too many #MeToo cases boil down to "he said; she said", and I find that often neither party sounds entirely credible, at least to me.

I'm not speaking specifically to Alexi's current situation, although, there seems to be a "groupie" component to it (and let's be brutally honest, almost all really famous men have groupies who aggressively pursue them). And groupie behavior isn't just limited to young girls chasing rock bands. There are literary and political groupies as well (Monica Lewinsky was a political groupie, no matter what she now claims.).
“Is anyone else bothered by the guilty-if-accused climate we have now?”
-Hell yes.

“Will we all have to make public our personal past?”

“Do our stranger jury powers require us hand out scarlet letters when the exact ideal is not met?”

“Have we replaced one repression with another?”

“Something, something casting stones.”
-Welcome to the melenial utopia.
I wish I was like you....EASILY AMUSED!
OK, amended.

Alexie probably did do something, but I suspect Ms. Dremousis is lying through her teeth. She rounded up a story or two of Alexie of questionable nature, then invented several more to "bolster" her claim, knowing that there is no way the receipts could be checked in the current climate.
Gosh I have no recollection of where I pooped last. I guess I never pooped!

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