State Senate Votes to Take Money For Homeless Students to Backfill Sound Transit Cuts


This is frustratingly stupid. Is there some reason why they couldn't just change the car tab formulation to make it more progressive, with more valuable cars having proportionally higher tabs. This could be constructed in such away that poorer car owners (with presumably cheaper cars) are less burdened by car tabs and Sound Transit still gets all of the funding promised.
The story's a little more nuanced than how it's presented here. That pot of money originally came from ST taxes, which voters approved for the purpose of building transit. Seattle Transit Blog has the full, complicated story:….

...of course none of this is to say that cutting any money for education in our current funding environment is a good thing. But the context is important.
Thank you. My State Rep's got a note from me thanks to your post.
This is a tough issue. Certainly $500 million will pinch the homeless education fund. But I have to cry crocodile tears for the family with three cars each worth $35,000 or more. They don't sound like "working people" in the way it's commonly used at least to me.