BenDeLaCreme Pulls a Power Move on RuPaul


She knew what she was getting into as evidenced by your quote and having previous All Stars' elimination format available to her. Boo.
I can't say as I blame her. After essentially being this season's drag version of the Grim Reaper, she finally reached a wall she was simply no longer willing to sashay over - and while one might question her mental and emotional stamina in what is essentially "Survivor" with lots of glitter, I can't fault her for acting on her conscience; that takes character. Clearly several of the other girls saw it as kind of masochistic impulse towards martyrdom, but sometimes the best, noblest, and most self-actualizing thing you can do is to recognize within yourself the simple truth that winning isn't in fact everything to you, and that you are no longer willing to pay the price, if it means losing something more important, like your self-respect and compassion.

Good on her.
I understood the decision.

Here's my problem with it. One of those five queens remaining is going to win what is essentially an empty title, because they all know that the most likely winner turned it down. Now, I'm not too sorry for the eventual winner. She'll take home the $100,000 and all that. But even though she may wear the crown, she will always know, deep down, that it's not really hers.

Which is kind of fucked up. I'd rather be a legitimate runner up that a cheap winner.

There's another message here which, as a severely lapsed Catholic, I do really like though. There's not just the critique of the rules of the game. There's the critique of what is rather old-fashionedly called "worldly pomp". The reminder that fame and glory and wealth and power are all passing and ultimately meaningless things. The reminder that chasing them, no matter how successful you may be, is ultimately fruitless.

I like to think that DeLa decided to choose things that are really important—friendships, above all—over things that are not, even if our culture tells us that they are everything. In that sense, this was a highly subversive act. And that, perhaps, is the real message I hope the remaining queens take with them. Although, I pray like St. Augustine, not yet; we would still like to have a show.

I have to say, I thoroughly approve.
Appreciate the theological - philosophical discussion @3
What she said and did is very commendable. And she is right. THAT is a real drag a superstar. Not one who RuPaul runs through rings of fire like circus poodles and pits against one another. RuPaul goes home quietly to wallow in endless pop-psychology nonsense and be far away from this scene. The girls have to be actively part of the scene for years to come (travel with each other, work together, deal with fans and foes on social media, etc).