You see killing machines. Politicians see $$$$.
You seen killing machines. Politicians see $$$$. Scott Olson / Getty

Bad news for aspiring homeowners: Median home prices are still on the rise in Seattle. The median price for a single family home hit $777,000 in February. Home prices have risen 15 percent across the Puget Sound area. The median price hit $950,000 on the Eastside. Bow your head in solidarity with me if you'll be renting with roommates for life.

We’re number one! For state-candidate NRA contributions. Oh no. From 2012 to 2016 the NRA has shelled out $203,000 to help Washington campaigns for the state House and Senate. Texas received the second most funds during that period. A paltry $95,750. The contributions in Washington ramped up in 2010. Since then, there have been more wins by Republicans in Washington. The NRA is dedicated to flipping the state Legislature. However, these candidate donations are small potatoes in comparison to the NRA’s independent expenditures on campaigns to sway voters.

Fact finding private attorney hired by the King County assessors office: To investigate King County Democratic Chair Bailey Stober. Despite allegations of harassment and an investigation led by the vice chairs of the organization, Stober has not resigned his position. Two vice chairs resigned their posts after conducting the initial report on Stober. No in the assessor's office, where Stober has his day job, has publicly accused him of harassment. But the department is conducting the investigation to see if Stober's alleged behavior with his party "has any bearing on our office." It will cost somewhere between $7,000 and $10,000.

Sanctuary status for your budtender: After Attorney General Jeff Sessions made his threat against marijuana, you know, when he stated that federal prosecutors could enforce federal law however they wanted, Berkeley made itself a marijuana sanctuary city. It vowed to protect its pot and its pot-loving people. Other states like Alaska, California, and Massachusetts have similar bills pending.

Mercer Street is real life Frogger: Watch pedestrians dodge cars on what is probably one of the worst streets in Seattle. Police can’t do anything about the “blocking the box” violations because it would just contribute further to the clog. Via the Seattle Times:

Yakima Valley high school bans backpacks: Because that’s the real issue here. Granger High School is banning backpacks and purses in the interest of safety. Bags can be used to transport alcohol, drugs, and weapons. They’re also useful for books and personal effects, but not anymore. Students will only have to be responsible for bringing three-ring binders, paper, and writing utensils to class. Sounds great, but all I can think about is how teenage girls — the most embarrassing demographic to be — are going to carry their tampons.

Porn star sues the President: Stormy Daniels is back. She’s filing a lawsuit against Donald Trump. It alleges that Trump’s lawyer forced her to sign a false statement about a sexual encounter she had with Trump. She also claims the non-disclosure agreement she was made to sign is void because Trump never signed it.

CaliBurger employs a robot: Flippy is a robot whose sole existence is to flip patties at the Pasadena, California CaliBurger location. Through 3D, thermal, and regular vision, Flippy can tell when a burger needs to be flipped or taken off the grill. Flippy sounds cool but not even he (do we gender robots?) can improve CaliBurgers shitty imitation In-N-Out burgers.

Elon makes a discovery:

Bye, Bye, Gary Cohn: His resignation as the director of the White House National Economic Council spells trouble for free trade. Cohn reportedly was one of the key voices keeping Trump from blowing up international trade. The recent steel and aluminum tariffs showed the limit of Cohn’s resistance. He has taken his leave and left the White House without a strong voice in favor of free trade.

The EU will fight back on tariffs: If Trump follows through on steel and aluminum tariffs, thousands of European jobs will be in jeopardy. The EU will impose tariffs on American-made goods including t-shirts, chewing tobacco, cranberries, orange juice, and more.

Canadian doctors protest raises: More than 500 doctors and residents are protesting wages. They’re saying they’re being paid too much. They want the money to be returned to the public health care system where it could help struggling nurses and patients. Canadians are so good.

Love drought for D.C. conservatives: No one wants to date conservatives in the capital. Dates crash and burn when politics come up. Guys get ghosted on dating apps when a Google search reveals they have any ties to Trump or right-wing policies. In a ironic twist of fate, it seems right-wing affiliation is the ultimate form of contraception. But don’t feel too bad for them, they always have the Trump supporter dating site.

Spring weekend: It’s going to be sunny! The highs might reach the 60s! First, we have to make it through a wet weather system starting tonight. Good things come to those who wait.


New best headline of the week: Amazon Echo gadgets are doing ‘witch-like’ laughs and refusing to obey their owners

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A release party for Kelly Björk and Joe Rudko's joke book More or Less, a night of lo-fi dancehall and reggae with Bad Gyal, and the opening of Akio Takamori: Portraits and Sleepers at the Museum of Glass.

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A liquid breakfast from Andrea.

Andrea M

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My suffering will be legendary, even in Hell.
"My suffering will be legendary, even in Hell." Andrew C

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Biscuits with chorizo gravy, ham and hash browns
Biscuits with chorizo gravy, ham and hash browns Rob