BenDeLaCreme Showed the World What the "Seattle Process" Is


Here's one way to consider the Seattle Process: Which other city in the country do you think has a better overall legal and policy framework? Atlanta? Phoenix? NYC? Chicago?

We've got it really good here. Just recognize those benefits aren't free, they have a cost. And living through the Seattle process has turned out to be a really good one, when you zoom out.
Overthinking much? Maybe she's just insecure and afraid of failure? Maybe she's just the Sarah Palin of drag #quitter

Perhaps one day that 'really good' will trickle down to the nation leading population of homeless that Seattle can't seem to find a humane way to deal with.
And then to those who work their asses off to make the city work but can't afford to live in it.
But, yeah; Paul Allen is having a great time.
@3 you are welcome to let us all know where you're rather be. I actually live in the Bay area so from my perspective rent in Seattle is free
If by “self-serving” you mean made a personal decision based upon a well thought out code of personal ethics and morals, then yes, what she did was precisely self-serving. And when you’re one of the most talented queens and performers out there, and certainly in the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise, you get to be “expensive”. It’s amazing to see so many people have opinions about a person who they know nothing about. It’s also amazing to see so many people so jaded that they see a person who is thoughtful, sincere, heartfelt, kind, honest, AND talented and think that “she’s fake” or “afraid of failure” or “the producers made her do it” or any of the other comments I’ve read. Y’all that says more about YOU than it does about her.
It's funny to read an article that has you nodding along right until the last line. Yes, it's the Seattle Process. Yes, it's slow and deliberate. Yes, it can be maddening. But it reflects a truly different philosophy about the use of power and the importance of consensus and due process. In RPDR, we can see DeLa's Seattle process put it up against the New York style of exercising power that Ru and the producers of most reality TV seem to want -- swift, cunning, unapologetic, and cynical use of power by the powerful to maintain their position and exert their will upon the world, whether out of grand vision or crass self-interest. The New York model might get the subway built faster, but it does so by bulldozing poor immigrant neighborhoods. It might make good TV, but it makes for one shitshow of a White House. So criticize the Seattle Process as "self-serving and expensive bullshit" if you like. The nice thing about the Seattle Process is that it cares about your criticism and will listen and try to take in into account. But I for one hope that Seattle keeps its process open and slow and deliberate and consensus-based and, yes, expensive. If I wanted to live in a place where powerful people who think they know best get to impose their ideas on everyone else, I could live almost anywhere else.

As Sportlandia @1 put it, who do you think does it better?
You are spot on. I had exactly the same thought while watching this unfold.
Lol @5 and what does it say about her that she gets her boyfriend to be her internet guard dog when *gasp* someone actually doesn't believe she's the second coming of drag Jesus Christ? Some people are going to see through her constant cloying performance of hand-wringing niceness for the manipulative self-serving stunt it actually is. Get over it and yourselves.
This writer has obviously never spent time with Ben and only wrote this article for the notoriety. They are milking the backlash for as long as they can. Just check out their FB 😂