Seahawks No Longer What They Have Been, Mariners Again What They Once Were


It is a fact of life that fans tend to overrate their own players, but getting a fifth round pick and a player for an aging (32 years old) defensive lineman whose production is declining while saving over five million in cap space is not that bad a deal.
Yeah, it sucks to lose someone we've become attached to. The sad fact is that you win in the NFL by being lucky enough to have a bunch of rising stars on their initial contracts, so that a bunch of them are underpaid. Like the Seahawks did the year they won it all. Once they become stars you have to pick who you can afford to keep, and if you pick too many, you wind up not being able to afford things like a decent offensive line. I hate it, but the smart move is to trade Bennet and Sherman too. They are declining and more easy to replace than Wilson.
Actually, Ichiro is a pitcher. And his career 9.00 ERA might be good enough to be the 4th starter on the M's this year.
All things must pass. Except Ichiro Suzuki.
Whatever happened with Bennett’s lawsuit against LVPD? That one where he was “profiled” as the lone dipshit hiding behind a a slot machine and then running away when police approached an active shooter scene and asked him to stand up?

Sherman will never be the same. Love him, but it’s a first love kind of love, nostalgic at this point. Bam bam hasn’t been right in awhile, but god damn who can forget that lick he laid on Demarius Thomas across the center of the field after that cross route!!! It sucks, but legion is dead, let’s get crackin on that next D Pete!

And how about an O line and a few playmakers besides Baldwin to help russel out? He can’t be scrambling around in the parking lot dodging cans of baked beans from tailgaters forever.
Huh, I'm highly skeptical of late career reunions. I freaking loved Ichiro in Seattle too, but that Griffey episode from a couple years ago was a complete mess.
Re: Bennett: hear hear to your points. I don’t think it’s a good move.
Ichiro's fastball ain't what it used to be, but he showed a nice slider. I'm pretty sure he's visible on the pitching depth chart for this team.
Makes what the patriots have done very, very, very impressive. I hate New England, but respect them.
The next generation of Seahawks makes me think the glory run is officially over. Our early draft magic has turned into 5 straight years of sad underperformers. Russell is in his prime now, we can't wait for a bunch of 5th round nobodies to maybe prop him up.
@2: Or you do what the Cheatriots did for years; blackmail and/or buy the officials. #Spygate.
@11, I'm certainly not here to defend the effing Patriots against any accusation you care to make. But it's funny you mention them because this move is EXACTLY what Belichik has been great at doing over the years. Ruthlessly selling off beloved veterans just before they start to decline, often just for draft picks. It's amazing how much they've done it and how well it has worked for them.
“From a broader competitive view, their roster construction makes no sense.”

That’s because they are the Mariners.
Another year, another mediocre Mariner team. Staffing the team with players who are on the downward slope of their bell curve of career performance makes them status quo and left out of the playoffs. They need to be staffing with dynamic young players who when they sequencely come to bat you know things are going to be happening, not whiffing. We're gonna see lots of whiffing again this year.......
@12 bellecheat is also great at picking up aging veterans and free agents and getting a few games or a season from them on the cheap.
Compared to Peter Johnson's analysis in the Emerald, this reads like a 6th grader writing about sports in an introductory composition class. Take a stand one way or the other--was Bennett's activism a factor or not? (Answer: Almost surely not in any significant way.) You gloss over the obvious team salary and roster reasons for the move, hinting at "more sinister" racist motivations, while completely ignoring the larger exploitative and racist nature of the NFL's business model and culture.

C-minus. If the Stranger insists on delving into non-ironic sports commentary, it ought at least to say something interesting.
“I don’t want to root for a baseball team that exists to remind me of better times that frankly weren’t even all that good.”

Uh I have some bad news for you about the last 15 years of the Mariners...
@12: AND the Cheatriots have heavily defied the Law of Averages for YEARS; so much so even the folks at 538 can't explain it Rationally.